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Tales of suspense #59
The Black Knight

October 28, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

As I sit down to write a comic book review of the story titled “The Black Knight” featuring Iron man, published in Tales Of Suspense #59, I find that this story (despite a later cover month) would clearly fit before the events of Avengers #9. That small fact out-of-the-way (and the impact on the avengers title is only one panel that would be less understood) I can get on to my synopsis, and review.

Tony Stark becomes Ill as he enters his officein this issue, after seeing the avengers off to a charity benefit, Iron Man stays behind to keep watch over the city. At the same time The Black Knight bust out of jail, and decided to get revenge on the avengers – starting with the one he knows how to find, Iron Man.   This assault starts before our hero can make it back to the factory.  In fact as, tony is walking in, the factory under sedge by the black knight, we also witness Tony Stark suffering from a power attack, causing him to have to retreat to his office, while scaring Pepper and Happy.


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Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #6
The Fangs Of The Desert Fox!

August 9, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Today as I sit down to write my comic book review of Howling Commandos #6, the story titled “The Fangs Of The Desert Fox!” I am left with more to think about then just the artwork, and story, but the not to subtle deeper meaning that was the real heart of this story, one that I think is more important than the story itself,  in particularly for 1964; but I will get to that soon.  (more…)

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Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #4
Lord Ha-Ha's Last Laugh!

February 14, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

For today’s comic book review  I read Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #4, with the story titled “Lord Ha-Ha’s Last Laugh!”.  but this tale of our favor Sgt. Nick Fury and his seven Howling Commandos had everything we have come to hope for from these tales, and a hole lot more.

The basic background of the story is our seven hero’s get sent to Berlin to get Lord Ha Ha, an Englishman who its beveled has been captured and forced to spread propaganda for the Nazi’s.  But in addition to the action packed tale of the rescue of the Lord, it’s also a tale with much, much more. This story offers us both the beginnings of new love, as well as the death of one of the Commandos! All in part showing us the horrors of war. (more…)

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Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #2
7 Doomed Men!

January 13, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)
Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos #2

For today’s comic book review I sit down to read the second issue of Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos, the story contained within this issue is titled “7 Doomed Men!

a short summary of the story, after returning to base in need of much rest from a mission, the commandos are sent out again, this time to put a stop to the German equivalent to the Manhattan Project.  While not knowing the details of the project, or what it’s about they know that they must dump the german’s supply of heavy water.

However before the howling commando’s reach their destination, they find themselves captured by the Nazi’s and become seven doomed men! (more…)

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Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #1
Seven Aginst the Nazis!

November 11, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)
sgt fury and his howling commandos issue 1 - May 1963

Today I have a special review for you all in honor of Veterans day, and to in my own way to honor all those whom have fought in wars past and present.  My choice of comics is “Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos” issue 1.  The series is a comic book that takes place in World War II.

it is also worth mentioning, that Jack Kirby,  the co-creator and artist behind the comic also served in World War II. During his time in the military he achieved the rank of Private First Class, and was honorably discharged on July 20,1945.

So in reading this review, and this comic. be it now, on veterans day, or later. I want you to think, remember and honor the brave men and woman who have throughout our history went to war for their country’s. even if you disagree with the war, you can still honor the solder. (more…)

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