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Tales To Astonish #43
The Astonishing Ant-Man Versus The Mad Master of Time!

November 17, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

Today, my comic book review is of Tales To Astonish #43, where I review the story of “The Astonishing Ant-Man Versus The Mad Master of Time!“. this story is perhaps one of the ironic twists of fate. All that lead the ant-man down an adventure to face a villain like he never has before.

But this story is a great one, because of the meaning you can read into it, as well as the fact that the ‘villain’ is indeed one of the most easy for us to identify, in particularly as we age. It also in its own way, makes a statement, about the actions of companies and society. But I will get to all this in my review.


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Amazing Spider-Man #1

October 20, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

As Comic book’s go, Amazing Spider-Man #1. is just one of those classic’s that you should read, and not need a comic book review to tell you to.  It is two great stories in one comic book.  As I have been doing, I will review them separately but publish them close to the same time.

The First story in the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man comic book, is named after our hero, Spider-Man.  While Amazing Fantasy #15, Was what introduced us to spider-man, and would be where I would recommend any spider-fan start reading.  our hero was unseen in comic print from then until now.  after a nine month span of time, a good recap to bring everyone up to date is in order. The first story does that and much more!

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Fantastic Four #9
The End Of The Fantastic Four

October 1, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

In Fantastic Four #9 the Fantastic Four are broke and bankrupt, unable to pay their bill’s they find themselves selling off their assets and braking up as a team.  Is this story the end of the Fantastic Four, or just another chapter in the beginning? I am sure 40 years of history tell us that.

It is though the unlikely ‘help’ of their strangest nemesis, that this story proceeds. While this story is not as world saving as some of our past adventures, it is at last a new twist on the Fantastic Four. This issue has action, and it has development. it helps us build up an understanding of our hero’s in a more human light then past issues have.

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