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Tales Of Suspense #50
The Hands Of The Mandarin

March 29, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

for today’s comic book review I read the tale titled “The Hands Of The Mandarin” from Tales Of Suspense #50. In this classic comic book we have Iron Man face to face with the Mandarin for the first time.  but does the story live up to the legacy that would follow from it? (more…)

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Fantastic Four #12
The Incredible Hulk

October 19, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

While some may say the shared universe for marvel comic book’s began long before this, in the golden age; or even say that the silver age shared universe began with Namor. but I believe this is when it began March 1963, With the Fantastic Four Vs. The Hulk.

Fantastic Four #12 is just one of the series crossovers that occurred this month. In this issue, we have our 4 fantastic heroes asked by the government to take out the hulk by General “Thunderbolt” Ross.

As much as Fantastic Four #11 was important for the Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four #12 is for the marvel universe.  before this there was only slight mentioning of other hero’s. now they meet face to face and fist to fist.

So who win’s , The Fantastic Four, or the Hulk? Read the story and you will see the real winner is us the readers. (more…)

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Journey Into Mystery #86
On the Trail of the Tomorrow Man

September 24, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

He didn’t fly away he just faded from sight… as though moving into another segment of time! and since there was no time-travel in the past, he must have come from the future!!

If one quote from this issue, struck me it was this one. It says so much about the story, the writing of the time, and the logic behind it just makes me laugh. To me, this is what Journey into mystery #86 represents.



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Incredible Hulk #3
Banished To Outer Space

September 8, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

I subtitled this Banished to outer space, but that is really just the first story in this issue,  Incredible Hulk #3 featured 2 great story’s divided by a retelling of the origin for anyone whom may have missed it back in issue #1.  This time the origin is more from Rick’s perspective. Even if you know the hulks long view on some level, you might just find the events of this issue surprising. Seriously, if you’re a big Hulk fan, stop reading, and go read this issue now! you can read it in: Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1

Issue #3 I feel is a vast improvement over the last issue, although that is not saying too much. but both stories where compelling read’s , even though the 2nd was at its heart a hypnosis story. The twist the issue plays with the overused concept I thought made it worth it.


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