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Amazing Spider-Man #17
The Return Of The Green Goblin!

October 16, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

TIn amazing Spider-Man #17 we have the tale titled “The Return Of the Green Goblin!”. This  feature offers a lot of pieces, that all add to the larger tapestry of the issue as well as the ongoing adventures of Spider-Man.  From the blunder early in the issue, where spider-man interfere with the filming of a Movie,( a theme that in some ways brings us back to the green goblins last appearance, and also reminds us of other stories) Serves as a starting ground for discrediting Spider-Man.

Though all this  Peter Parkers greatest school yard enemy Flash Thompson proves -quite ironically-  to be Spider-Mans most loyal fan, and thus pushes for the start of a Fan club.  In creating this, Flash with the help of Liz, whom has her own motives sets up a further meeting of the club at a well of club, and prom ices in the newspaper spider-mans arrival.   Just the kind of opportunity Green Goblin has been looking for.

So, the club draws out Spider-Man hoping to fix his reputation,  Green Goblin hoping to defeat Spider-Man,  Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) with his date Doris Evans show up to see the hero, J Jonah Jameson hoping to find something to use against Spider-Man, And  if that’s not enough, there is a whole club full of full of fans as well.

But that is not even half of the adventure and thrill in the issue…


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Amazing Spider-Man #15
Kraven The Hunter

November 8, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Amazing Spider-Man #15, offered us a lot, the cover alone shows us that  it is the first appearance of Kraven The Hunter, as well as the return of the Chameleon. But this issue offers us a lot more then just what can be derived from the cover.  On the pages in between; we have drama in peter porkers love life, a spider-man faced with dealing with his abilities failing, but possibly most notably the first hint of ‘Mary Jane’ although not named at this point.  But I won’t spend to many more words in introduction, please feel free to read on to see my review of this classic comic book. (more…)

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Fantastic Four #29
It Started On Yancy Street!

October 31, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

I feel that Fantastic Four #29, had one of the greatest, and most iconic covers of its day, if not even in the top covers of all time.  Showing our four heroes seeming nervous as they walk along Yancy Street, with the watcher in the background with the universe speaking all around him.  the colors being left to the foreground and the background, with the mid-ground  Yancy Street itself, being sort of grey, with black lines to show what detail and shadows need to be seen. Speaking of shadows,  our four heroes shadows stretching forward to the reader, and off the page just adds to the flow of the cover.  In fact, I doubt only I feel this cover is great; it was selected for the cover of Fantastic Four, Vol. 3 . But I am not hear to judge a comic book on the cover alone, even a cover as great at this one.

In this issue, we have the Fantastic Four on patrol on Yancy Street; but it turns out that the Red Ghost is behind much of the disruption they currently face, and quickly works to capture our hero’s and bring them to the Moon to finish them off. How can our heroes save themselves from there doomed fate? and what role with the watcher play in all this before it is done?  these are all important questions.


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Tales To Astonish #57
A Voice In The Dark

October 24, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

This tale, is not like the other wasp extras, instead of Janet Van Dyne telling a tale to some sick or orphaned kids, she is instead on her way from one of these tales to a date with Hank Pym.  But as the wasp soon finds out, the tasks of being a super-hero often show up anytime, even when you’re in a hurry.  But can she find a way to stop the thief on her own? will she be late for her date?  we find out in “A Voice In The Dark” the second story in Tales To Astonish #57. But now onto my fairly short review for a short bonus feature. (more…)

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Tales To Astonish #57
On The Trail of The Amazing Spider-Man

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It seems in my last several classic comic book reviews, we have seen a lot of Hero Vs. Hero action.  from Spider-Man and the Hulk  to X-Men Vs Fantastic Four, and now Giant-Man and the Wasp face off against Spider-Man.  Every time, we see this kind of action, their are challenges  and concerns that must be addressed, even more so as a reviewer. Is it original? are both sides true to there characters? or do we just have some group of hero’s fighting another for the sake of sales and marketing?  The last few, I feel have been good, this one, I feel starts off weak; but I will get to that in my review below, first a short summary.

In this issue, Egghead tricks the ants into relaying a false message to giant-man.  one that states that Spider-Man is out to attack Giant-man! can our hero’s clear up this conflict before it’s too late? (more…)

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Strange Tales #122
3 Against The Torch

October 18, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

As I sit down to review  the Human Torch feature from strange tales #122, titled “3 Against The Torch” I think back to the last volume where we seen those three. (despite the fact that it is printed as Fantastic Four #22, it was really Fantastic Four #23. )  This tale, right from the start does a tribute to, and a good job of summarizing the prior adventure.  But then we are off and running with the plan of Dr. Dooms Henchmen in stopping the Fantastic Four, Starting with the Human Torch. (more…)

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Daredevil #2
The Evil Menace Of Electro!

June 4, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

The Thing, and the Fantastic Four appearing in the second issue of Daredevil? not an all surprising fact, as they also sent Spider-Man off to a good start in his first issue.  but is their appearance in this issue more of the same as it was then, or is it creative?

Also talking about spider-man, in this issue we see Daredevil face off against Electro, who’s first and only appearance so far was Amazing Spider-Man #9. an issue I personally liked  a lot, but can his success in that issue carry over to this title?

without many further words let’s get to my comic book review of “The Evil Menace of Electro!” from Daredevil #2, written by Stan Lee and with art by Joe Orlando. (more…)

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Strange Tales #120
The Torch meets The Iceman!

May 16, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

This review is for the human torch feature in Strange Tales #120, where we have him side by side with the Iceman for the first time. But two questions come to mind right away:  what brings the two hero’s together? and can they get along any better than The torch and spider-man?

In fact, the human torch has ever been much of one for sharing the spot light with anyone, even his own team,  in particularly in Strange Tales.  leading me further to wonder how this comic book story would play out. (more…)

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Spider-Man:Season One

May 9, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Just as I reviewed Fantastic Four: Season One, and X-Men: Season One, I now review Spider-Man: Season One. This one featuring without a doubt one of marvel’s most famous hero’s Spider-Man, as much a classic and great back in the 60’s as he is now.  But just like the other Marvel books in the Season One event, we have his earliest tales being told again with a modern perspective.  all while trying to maintain a connection to the original continuity, to serve as a starting point for new fan’s and yet to offer something for long running fans as well.  The question’s I must ask myself in writing this review is how well it lived up to those goals, as well as how well it entertained me.

Then we have to consider that this is far from the first retelling of his early days, Just to name the ones that pop into mind right away for spider-man would be, Ultimate Spider-Man, that started in 2000,  then in 2002 we had The first of 3 films featuring spider-man Staring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.  then this year we have a new movie set to debut and start from the beginning once again.  and i barely scratched the surface of spider-man origin retelling’s so in this case, one must keep in mind what makes this one special and different? But I will get to that, later at the end of my review. (more…)

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Amazing Spider-Man #11
Turning Point

April 17, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

for this comic book review, I read Amazing Spider-Man #11, and the tale within titled “Turning Point”  and featuring the return of Dr. Octopus!  but nothing I told you so far is more exciting then  what the large block of text on the cover says.  The big point of the issue, is Spider-Man or perhaps his alter ego Peter Parker deciding to share his secret identity with someone, but who? you will have to read this classic issue to see.


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