Vs. Super Villain

Tales To Astonish #59
Enter: The Hulk

March 17, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

Having just finished reading Tales To Astonish #59 I find myself asking, who is more the star of this tale,  Giant-Man or Hulk.  You see, up until this Issue, Giant-Man with his side-kick (I almost hate calling wasp a side-kick)  have been the featured hero’s of the series.  As of late often with a Wasp side story  following the main tale,  but as this issue so wonderfully announces, starting with the next issue, the Hulk gets a feature in Tales To Astonish, along side Giant-Man.

You see, the hulk proved to have a popular fan base, after the cancelling of his own title just six issues into it, and in fact, at this point, the Hulk would have been a featured Guest  in as many comic’s as he had in his own title that ended over a year before this issue.   Even not counting Fantastic Four #12 (as it came out before Hulks series was cancelled) , we have Avengers #1 though #3,  Fantastic Four #25 & #26 (likely the biggest Hulk Story so far, and one of the first real cross over events of comics. then Avengers #5 before vanishing for a couple months  to appear in Spider-Man #14.  Why bring all this up? other then to say that Hulk has been all over the place, and in big stories.   Is that each of them (while not his title) he played a central role,  more then that of any antagonist in those  comic book’s;   in fact in character development, he  sometimes has more then the star’s of the book’s themselves. (more…)