Reviewed Comic Books from 1962

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About 1962

1962 in comics

in 1961 we seen Marvel make the Fantastic Four, 1962 would prove it to be a hit. But it’s not just The Fantastic Four that made 1962 great. For in 1962 Marvel would greatly increase its SuperHero Lineup. Adding many of the original avengers that would become a team in 1963.

With this marvel, would add 3 hero’s to their line up, upping their total to 7. although spider-man would be out of the picture from his debut until Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 1963

1962 outside of comics

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Here are just a few events of 1962, to let my readers thing how the world would have been around the authors, artist, and comic book fan’s as these issues were made and read originally.

Outside & In Communism in Comics

With communism being a heavy issue of 1962, the cold war on the forefront of the american mind. what where the comics about. most our hero’s had at least one story featuring our red advisories at this point.

Bruce Banner, was a scientist whose origin ties into gamma rays from a weapon test. Right after his origin the communist however try to capture him to be their weapon.   After that he would face them one more time before year’s end.

Thor would end the year with a story titled “prisoner of the Reds”. but an issue before that he would begin by helping the US military on weapons test’s to feel safe from the communist.

The Fantastic Four would not face a communist threat together, but  The Human torch in his Strange Tales would.

Many of Ant-Man’s early stories had communist tie in’s. In fact, not counting his appearance before being ant-man. 2 of 4 of his stories featured a communist as the antagonist