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  • Avengers #10:The Avengers Break Up!

    Avengers #10:The Avengers Break Up!

    Cover Date: Nov 1964 | Review: 2.25 Stars

    This story starts with a bit of training mainly for Captain America against the other avengers, where we watch and see that he is getting better at holding his own for longer. Meanwhile the Masters of Evil wile meeting to discuss their prior defeat are visited by a traveler from another time named Immortus. After…

  • Avengers #9:The Coming Of The... Wonder Man!

    Avengers #9:The Coming Of The… Wonder Man!

    Cover Date: Oct 1964 | Review: 2.5 Stars

    For this comic book review I read  Avengers #9, the story in this volume is titled  “The Coming Of the … Wonder Man!”.  In this tale we have Baron Zemo, The Enchantress, and The Executioner returning from their banishment that occured  in Avengers #7. Like most typical villains, their mind is single focused n gaining revenge, seeking…

  • Avengers #8:Kang, The Conqueror!

    Avengers #8:Kang, The Conqueror!

    Cover Date: Sep 1964 | Review: 4.75 Stars

    This issue is a fitting follow-up to Fantastic Four Annual #8, as in this issue we find out that we indeed know who Kang is, and that we have seen him -although briefly- in that issue.    You see Kang, The Conqueror the time traveler the Avengers are facing off in this issue, by his own…

  • Avengers #7:Their Darkest Hour!

    Avengers #7:Their Darkest Hour!

    Cover Date: Aug 1964 | Review: 4 Stars

    With my comic book review of Avengers #7, it is easy to see that at least the idea of universal continuity was beginning to go full swing.  In this issue, from just the opening pages, we have Iron Man facing consequences for his failure to respond to an avengers call, an event that just happened…

  • Avengers #6:Masters Of Evil!

    Avengers #6:Masters Of Evil!

    Cover Date: Jul 1964 | Review: 4.25 Stars

    Just from the first moment you look at the cover, you can get a good idea what to expect, the Avengers facing off against a team of super-villains; the Masters Of Evil.  Lead by an unknown and new menace “Zemo”, leading a cast of antagonist that each of our hero’s has faced in a solo adventure.  we have  Radioactive…

  • Avengers #5:The Invasion of the Lava Men!

    Avengers #5:The Invasion of the Lava Men!

    Cover Date: May 1964 | Review: 4 Stars

    Now has come the time for me to review Avengers #5,  where we have the first issue of avengers with Captain America as a full member, and  even after the epic battle with the hulk in Fantastic Four, we have  him returning for this tale,  titled  “The Invasion Of The lava Men!” That is right,…

  • Avengers #4:Captain America Joins... The Avengers!

    Avengers #4:Captain America Joins… The Avengers!

    Cover Date: Mar 1964 | Review: 5 Stars

    Just from the cover you know this comic is going to be important, and not likely a taunt like Strange Tales #114. In fact, even as I sat down to read and review this comic, I could not help but feel the awe and wonder of what was bound to be one of the most epic avengers tales…

  • Avengers #3:The Avengers Meet Sub-Mariner!

    Avengers #3:The Avengers Meet Sub-Mariner!

    Cover Date: Jan 1964 | Review: 4 Stars

    For today’s comic book review I read Avengers #3,  In this issue we have Namor, the Sub-Mariner, in his first appearance scene Fantastic Four Annual #1.  But in this issue he does not face the Avengers alone, instead he acquires the assistance of the renegade and hunted Hulk to improve his chances of success against the surface world. This issue also have an all-star cast, showing…

  • Avengers #2:The Space Phantom

    Avengers #2:The Space Phantom

    Cover Date: Nov 1963 | Review: 3.75 Stars

    For today’s comic book review, I checked out Avengers #2, where they do battle against  The Space Phantom!  But who is this space phantom, and how can he alone threaten the avengers? The space phantom has the power to become anyone he chooses, and in doing so, vanquish them to limbo, taking their place and powers among men.…

  • Avengers #1:The Coming Of The Avengers!

    Avengers #1:The Coming Of The Avengers!

    Cover Date: Sep 1963 | Review: 4.5 Stars

    For Today’s Comic book review, i Read and review Avengers #1 from 1963.  This classic Tale features The Mighty Thor, Iron Man,  Ant-Man and the Wasp, and The Incredible Hulk, and though the action’s of this 22 page story, they come together to form the Avengers! Our Story begins out with Loki,   plotting his revenge against Thor,…