Category: Uncanny X-Men (1963)

  • X-Men #9:Enter, The Advengers!

    X-Men #9:Enter, The Advengers!

    Cover Date: Jan 1965 | Review: 3.75 Stars

    The professor’s absence has been building to what debuted this month, the battle between Professor X and Lucifer, but that is not all, for the Avengers seem to be on the hunt for the great evil arriving in Europe around the same time as our teenage heroes. One might think that this would lead to…

  • X-Men #8:Unus, the Untouchable!

    X-Men #8:Unus, the Untouchable!

    Cover Date: Nov 1964 | Review: 4 Stars

    With Professor X gone and on the start of his mission (That we will see more of next month) we have Cyclops leading the team. At the unset of the story we have the X-Men undergoing a training session. When compete the team is given leave and Beast and Iceman take off to Greenwich Village,…

  • X-Men #7:The Return of the Blob

    X-Men #7:The Return of the Blob

    Cover Date: Sep 1964 | Review: 4.25 Stars

    X-Men #7 offered us a bit of everything, from character development, so story development as our hero’s move along the  course of their early adventures.  In this tale The original X-men Graduate, and all in only seven issues.  But now, they are left alone – as Professor X leaves them for tasks unknown –  to protect the…

  • X-Men #6:Sub-Mariner! Joins The Evil Mutants

    X-Men #6:Sub-Mariner! Joins The Evil Mutants

    Cover Date: Jul 1964 | Review: 3.5 Stars

    This comic book review is of the story titled “Sub-Mariner! Joins The Evil Mutants”  from X-Men #6 with a cover date of in July 1964.  While the X-Men have been seen in other titles, this is the first guest star from the marvel universe at large to appear in the X-Men’s own title, as we witness…

  • X-Men #5:Trapped: One X-Man!

    X-Men #5:Trapped: One X-Man!

    Cover Date: May 1964 | Review: 3.25 Stars

    This comic book tale is of the story titled “Trapped: One X-Man!” the feature of X-men #5 from 1964. In this tale we have the second encounter between our hero’s and Magneto’s evil mutants, and to top it off, after the events of last issue left Professor Xavier powerless the X-men must deal with this…

  • X-Men #4:The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants!

    X-Men #4:The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants!

    Cover Date: Mar 1964 | Review: 4.25 Stars

    We have heard them mentioned and hinted at all along now; the Evil Mutants.  Just like they are some kind of mysterious and yet unseen threat as a group, but in this issue, right from the cover, we are promised them, with the words “At Last!! The X-Men come face-to-face with “The Brotherhood of Evil…

  • X-men #3:Beware Of The Blob!

    X-men #3:Beware Of The Blob!

    Cover Date: Jan 1964 | Review: 4.75 Stars

    For today’s comic book review I read “Beware Of The blob!” from  X-Men #3.  in this tale we have our team of X-men scouring the city to find a mutant that Professor X detected.  but are Cyclopes, Ice man, Angel, Marvel Girl, and The best ready for who they find?  Or will they be able to convince the Blob to…

  • X-men #2:No One Can Stop The Vanisher!

    X-men #2:No One Can Stop The Vanisher!

    Cover Date: Nov 1963 | Review: 2.5 Stars

    For today’s comic book review I read X-men #2 where  we have Cyclops, The Beast, Angel, Ice Man, and Marvel Girl Face off against the Vanisher.  But can our teenage hero’s stop a mutant who’s power allows him to disappear instantly?   Story I felt that the story for X-men #2 was well written and The multiple scenes all give…

  • X-Men #1

    X-Men #1

    Cover Date: Sep 1963 | Review: 4 Stars

    For today’s comic book review I did X-Men #1 from 1963.  this volume of comics would eventually be retitled to Uncanny X-men.  in any case, i thought it a great idea to review X-men #1 for X-mas eve. I feel it worth saying that the X-men comic came to be the same month as the avengers, but the…