One Year of Reviewing Comics has just surpassed the one year mark of its first comic book review. Fantastic Four #1.  while the domain was registered on Aug. 26th  the birth of the site was really Aug 30th. when the first comic book review went up. In that year I have done over 180 reviews from over 150 different comic books; most of them where from comic books published my marvel between 1961 and 1964.  although a few where stories published just this year.

I am not going to get long-winded,  and talk much about my plans for the future of the site, other than to say I do  have a plan and goal for our second year of comics.  I am also not going to spend many words talking about the year that has passed.   what I do wish to say is Thank you:

I want to thank all you whom have visited my site, and read a review. I want to thank each person who has taken the time to write a comment or contact me in another way.  In my first year, it is you that have surprised me more than anything; if by nothing else then the shear number of readers i have gotten. I hope each of you continue reading, and please feel free to tell your friends!


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