Reviewing Comics Return

So, it has been years without a review for various reasons. But now we are back, with a revamped site and backend for our meta data. Our hope is to return to providing reviews of primarily classic marvel.

A this current time, my plan is to post 1 review per week while also working to update the metadata for old reviews. This site is a hobby and this should fit within my work schedule (where as I will likely write and schedule a few in advance to build up a cushion)

My return is going to start with writing reviews for some backup stories I skipped from Journey Into Mystery before my hiatus. Namely Tales of Asgard that stared in issue 97 and I plan to stick to that trend until I review the Tales of Asgard backup from issue 109 (the last issue I reviewed the main feature for to date)

As for hearing from me outside of reviews in he form of commentary, that is something I plan to do a bit more as well.

One last thing to note, as part of the site move I went and required all cover art at a higher resolution as well as most images sprinkled in the reviews; for some reviews I even added images.

So keep in mind, the site is mostly fresh and it may takes some time for some small issues and bugs to come to my attention and be correct. But I do hope you all enjoy seeing us back in action


2 responses to “Reviewing Comics Return”

  1. dangermash Avatar

    See, this is why I have an app like Feedly. A new post comes up on a website that’s been inactive for years and I get to find out straight away. Welcome back!

    1. Drew R. Avatar

      Thank you for the warm welcome and good to see some people still are interested in seeing what I think.

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