Amazing Adventures #2:The World Below!

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Sometimes I like to begin a comic book review with a quote, sometimes I feel that the words in the issue convey the other awe I am looking for, and describe the purpose of the review your about to read better than I can.  Sometimes the words on the first page say it all, and I just put them out there. But then there are times like this where I like to build them up first. so without any more words wasted, here is a quote from the short story: From the amazing cases of Dr. Droom “The World Below!”

My name is Droom!
I have the wisdom of a
Lama, the skills of a Yogi,
the powers of a mystic!
In the dark shadow world
of the occult, I dwell,
destroying the evil
protecting the innocent!!!
Danger is my task…
Justice, my goal!

If they where going to make a Movie for Dr. Droom, Those are the words I would want to hear over the trailer. Those, the first words of the story that is the first real adventure of our doctor after his origin. Just the way they sound, the way they speak out to me as I read them. The classic sounds of a classic hero in a dark world. But does Dr. Droom live up to this, or is he all washed up?


Our story begin’s with a ordinary investigation into a missing ship.  Upon concluding that they cant figure out where it went, and searching to see that it did not sink, the ships owners contact Dr. Droom as he is an expert in researching “Strange and unnatural” mysteries.

So he seeks out on an investigation of his own, not only finding the ship, but finding more than he expected. In doing so perhaps biting off a bit more than he can chew.


It is a simple 5 Page story that does not leave much room for detail, conflict or even expectation’s.  But so far Dr. Droom is proving to be a different kind of hero, using hypnosis, and brainpower to win instead of fast pace combat.

The story is not without combat, and Dr. Droom seems to be trained in hand to hand, but it is far from the focus of the story or hero.  given just 5 pages I feel it does a good job of telling an interesting story and gets right to the point.


Knowing only from the first panel which has a little Jack Kirby + Dick Ayers suggest that Kirby did the penciling and Dick  Ayers did his inking.  But together they indeed did a great job. for your viewing pleasure, I include that opening panel.

The detail on the faces, the shadows, the coloring. it is undeniable that this is a work of art.  While I will say that extra care tends to be given to the opening panel and page of the story,  I feel that this story does live up to my description.

Originality & Continuity

I do feel that this does build upon what was put forth in the origin, and as with what I find to be all to typical, a fair amount of page of time between the two tales has occurred, at least enough for Dr. Droom to have gained a reputation for the type of cases that he is to be known for.

Characters & Development

It  is good to see that they named Ramu was named. He is described here as Dr. Drooms faithful assistant, but I would assume it is the same man who served the Lama in the last issue.

Beyond that, I can not say the 5 page comic book story is filled with all that much for development, world building or even character.  I do not expect the five stories of Dr. Droom  to get all that in-depth, no matter how deep under the sea they take us.

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