Amazing Adventures #3
Doctor Droom meets Zemu!

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Cover Date: Aug 1961

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    • Dr. Droom
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    Unlike yesterday I offer no great quotes or build up to them, the beginning of his the 3rd Doctor Droom Story offered me none that I felt would be right to start us off.

    That is not to say that I do not feel it is a good story, even if I can’t help but feel I have seen this in a movie, although one that I believe is from the later 80’s (or is it early 90’s?).

    I will waste no more time building up to the review of this comic book story though, and dive right in.



    This is the story of Zemu, A power magician whom claims to use real magic to perform his tricks.  But Zemu is not content to stay just on the stage, he gets to the point of having ambitions of political greatness and decides to run for office. There is however something about Zemu that does not strike Doctor Droom as right, so he decides to investigate.


    Intentional or not, Sometimes I feel these stories do offer valuable lessons.  this time, I can’t help but feel it serves as a reminder that things are not aways as they seem.

    but if you do read this story, I would love to hear what you get out of it if anything. I feel there is more that can be learned, discussed and debated in this simple 5 page tale.


    I feel Kirby and Ayers did a good job again with the artwork of this story,  there is the remaining feeling of shadows and darkness that I feel they’re going for, it helps to set the mood for the tales we read.

    The art though is more than just shadows, and good uses of darkness, but the chosen perspectives used in some of the panels, it all adds to the general feeling of the work.



    Take a look at both images that i have shared with you, and the use of darkness , shadows and just the hints of color. Both use heavy amounts of shadows and darkness, and use lighting to their advantage.

    The one featuring Zemu on stage and in the public light still make sure to show the darkness around him, the other with Dr. Droom hiding in the shadows and just the slight hint of light around him.

     Originality & Continuity

    An alien infiltration theme has been common in a few of the stories I have read and reviewed so far such as in Fantastic Four #2.  Next week we will see it again with Journey Into Mystery #90.

    although this is the first one I reviewed so far where the alien tries to run for office! I do not feel that this idea is in its self a stretch from the others, and even earlier science fiction concepts.

    Characters & Development

    I feel our hero, is becoming more one dimensional, not less as the stories go on, not much time is put into any real development of him. in just 5 pages there is not a lot of time to spare on this, I know.

    I suspect this is part of the reason that Dr. Droom faded away, while his stories are fun to read, his character does not seem to be given the room and dynamics to grow.


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