Amazing Adventures #4
What Lurks Within ?

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3.25 Stars

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Character And Development: ??¼??? 
Originality And Continuity: ?¾???? 
Amazing Trickery: ?????? 
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Book Information:

Cover Date: Sep 1961

Characters & Groups
  • Our Hero
    • Dr. Droom

  • "Midwestern United States"
  • Center City

With this week drawing to an end, and Halloween drawing closer, it may be time that the reviews started to show a bit more signs of the day that comes. This one does fit that requirement, and not just in the comic book title”What Lurks Within?

This comic book story starring the hero of the week Doctor Droom was printed in September 1961’s Amazing adventures issue.  of the comic book reviews I did this week, this is the one that was both the “brightest” and the most “Halloween” feeling.

was it the story, was it spooky, was it eerie and anything else that made it seem like Halloween to me?  Not so much, no.  But then, what was it? Indeed that is the first question I will strive to respond to, before I get down to the normal point of my comic book review.


What was it?

Tell me that the spaceship on the right does not look like our unearthly neighbors just setting up their Jack-O Lantern?  I find that it does!

So where these neighbors from un earthy origin’s here to just give young humans in costume candy?  or did they have different intent.

that is up to Dr. Droom to find out in our story.

The Story

The story of our comic book, is much based around the picture above, the spaceship lands in the middle of nowhere USA. the small town folk eventually contact Dr. Droom to investigate.  but i will tell you no more, as it’s best read to understand.

The Art

Unlike the past stories, this one takes place in daylight mostly, and as such shadows and darkness plays less of a role. for most frames,  However on the inside of the alien spaceship both shadows and obscure angles are important. This keeps us from getting a good look at the creatures within.

The best way to make something interesting sometimes it to not give it a face, to obscure it in darkness or just hide it, in this issue they did both, and I think it worked quite well to their ends.



Originality & Continuity

I have my pet peeves when it comes to continuity, even for such a simple set of stories. and that is when the facts of the last story are completely ignored and overlooked.


The last story dealt with an alien invasion as well.  yet at the end of this comic book story Dr. Droom says something that just slaps that fact, and continuity in the face.

They where our first invaders from outer space, but we defeated them by our wits! As long as we use the brains which destiny gave us, we will always be able to meet threats to our survival — No matter where they come from — or how strong the enemy may be!

See what I mean?

Characters & Development

Did you see what I put last time?  this time has the same effect, there is no development, just the story of Dr. Droom on his adventure. There is nothing wrong with this kind of story, and you can still enjoy it even if such development is weak or non existent, but I must mention it.


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