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Amazing Fantasy 15 is the last issue of Amazing Adult Fantasy, that was dropped from the name with just that issue.  unfortunately for Amazing Adult Fantasy #15, that with or without the adult, it was to be the last issue of that comic magazine.

But fortunately for us, and history, that allowed them to take a chance on one of comics most popular characters.  One that was a teenager and not a sidekick, and One of not just my favorite comic hero’s of all time; but one of the worlds favorite comic hero’s of all time.

You see, Amazing Fantasy #15 presented us Spider-Man for the first time. It gave birth to a legend.  It brought us a hero unlike others at the time. It was a chance taken, but one that would change the face of comic book hero’s to come.


The story, is one that I feel most people whom have found their way to my site are familiar with.  It has been told, and retold in TV shows, Movies, and other comics for years. Almost everyone knows a version of Spider-Man’s Origin story, but this one, is the first telling of the fateful events.

I will bypass my normal synopsis of events this time, and hop to my review of this now classic tale. There is only one negative thing that I can say about it; the whole story felt rushed. However I do understand that they had to get it in, had to tell the whole origin in the one issue, and what an origin that is.

Spider-Man’s origin is truly a tragic story, as well as a learning experience for our protagonist. He is a boy, and has a lot to learn, unfortunately he leans his most important life lesson the hard way, with being partly responsible for the death of a loved one.

It’s a shame that the word Adult was dropped from the title; as I feel that Spider-Man’s origin is thought-provoking and intelligent as they come. While he is a Hero for kids everywhere, the root of his start is one that older readers, teens and adults truly could understand best.


I feel the art of the story was a bit underwhelming, it all looked a little off to me; with this review more than any other, I will remind you that art above all else is subjective. I love the story, and I feel the art just did not to it as much justice as I would have liked.Saying all this,  I do believe that Steve Ditko had as much to do with the story that we have come to know and love as Stan Lee. But the art, just was a bit on the underwhelming side.

That all said, the cover that was penciled by Jack Kirby instead of Steve Ditko is a classic; and one of my favorite covers of all time. I will also say, I love the spider-man costume design, colors, and look. It is likely as responsible for his success as the story.

Originality & Continuity

Spider-Man’s origin story is quite original. Yes just as with the Fantastic Four & The Hulk, Parker’s change was a variation on radiation. although in this case, he did not get it directly but though a bite from a spider that did.

The Radiation is not what made it original; it’s the story around Spider-man. He did not just get powers and become a hero, but it required a life changing event for him to see his purpose.  He does not start out to use his powers for good, but learns that it’s a must. That is part of what makes Spider-man great, Right from the start, he feels human.

Characters & Development

This first story, showed us a taste of many Character’s; whom would go on to become regular’s in the ongoing spider-man story’s.  the eleven page story introduced us to  Peter Parker, Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Flash Thompson and Sally. All of whom would go on to play an important part in the legend of spider-man.

We also have a lot of development of the our Peter Parker character. he truly learns a life lesson about making a difference in this story.  One that will lead him down the road of life as a hero.

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Cover Date: Aug 1962
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  • Stan Lee
  • Steve Ditko
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  • Spider-Man
  • Aunt May
  • Uncle Ben
  • Crusher Hogan
  • Flash Thompson
  • Sally
  • Liz (Unnamed)
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  • Midtown High






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