Amazing Spider-Man #2:The Uncanny Threat Of The Terrible Tinkerer!

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The Second story in Amazing Spider-Man #2 is The Uncanny Threat Of The Terrible Tinkerer! Also check out our comic book review of the 1st story titled Duel To The Death With The Vulture!

In March of 1963, Spider-man got off to a good start with his own amazing title, and then two months later, the second issue was released, and Stan Lee and Steve Ditko used two stories to build onto their Amazing Spider-Man.

but after reading the incredible vulture story, what  is left for the comic greats to give us? well why don’t i use words directly from the story to get us started:

Everybody loves a bargain! But sometimes it can be dangerous to accept a bargain which is too good to be true! especially if the bargain is being offered by someone like the Tinkerer



I will make this synopsis quick and to the point.  Peter Parker gets the opportunity to help a brilliant scientist for the weekend. but on the way to help Dr. Cobbwell he stops to pick up a radio that is being repaired for him, only to suspect there is more to the tinkerer and his repair shop then meets the eye.


This story is short and sweet, it makes a good addition to the one before it to fill the pages of the issue.

This story helps provide another take and twist on the all too common theme of alien invasion now. It seems every super-hero has to save us from aliens at least once, and this is Spider-Man’s first time.

Little is learned about the race in the issue or the tinkerer. in fact while spider-man saves the day, the story does leave more question’s then it addresses. in the great comic tradition its room for future stories.

I for one suspect we will see the tinkerer again.


The art in the second spider-man story is on par with the first, however it does not have the same level of combat and action scenes that the Aral fight with the vulture supplied us.

The design of the tinkerer’s allies is simple and interesting but not overly dynamic. The tinkerer himself, does as Peter Parker put it look like something right out of a Grimm Fairy tales.

Originality & Continuity

This short story does not break continuity in any way, or build upon anything we have had so far. it is almost a story on its own, perhaps a filler for the last several pages of the issue.

As for the tinkerer and his allies method’s they are somewhat new, spying before an invasion. it also leaves a lot of open room to be built upon in the future.

Characters & Development


This story had little development for spider-man,  or anyone else. being more filler to fill the end of the issue. that is not saying that it will not prove to have lasting effects. just that it was not given the development it could have had.

Comic book Review Summery

While I would still recommend Amazing Spider-Man #2 for the first story in the book, the second one is a less compelling and interesting read. on its own, it would not stand up, but it does fit nicely after the vulture story.

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Cover Date: May 1963
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2 responses to “Amazing Spider-Man #2:The Uncanny Threat Of The Terrible Tinkerer!

  1. richard smith Avatar
    richard smith

    Sometimes i think Stan Lee treats his characters like a bunch of wallies!! especially peter parker in the tinkerer case he finds indesputible proof that aliens exist but never takes it further. In a later issue whilst battling the circus of crime he successfully deduces daredevils secrets yet simply dismisses them offhand and the most horrifying thing i ever heard the character say after aunt may had her heart attack I haven,t the heart to tell her how ill she really is!!! peter should be slapped for that one.

    1. Drew Avatar

      while with any comic, or written work. some dialog choices can be ill picked, I feel overall, peter parker (and spider-man) have some of the best and most witty dialog of any comic character.

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