Amazing Spider-Man #6
Face-To-Face With... The Lizard!

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Book Information:

Cover Date: Nov 1963

Characters & Groups
  • Our Hero
  • The Connors Family
    • The Lizard
    • Billy Connors
    • Mrs. Connors
  • Supporting Cast
    • Aunt May
    • Betty Brant
    • Flash Thompson
    • J. Jonah Jameson
    • Liz Allan

  • Florida's Everglade

For todays comic book review, I read the Amazing Spider-Man #6 from November of 1963. and this story is one of the cases where I will say that the cover does not do the story justice. The story title is “Face-To-Face With… The Lizard!

To summarize the story: News reports have spread as far north as New York of a lizard like monster in the Everglades, and Spider-Man has been called out by the papers, mostly The Daily Bugle.  Though some creativity spider-man accepts the challenge and gets J. Jonah Jameson to send him to Florida as Peter Parker to take pictures.  But is there more to the Lizard then meets the eye?


As stories go, this one is classic, and well written. the story starting off by introducing us to the threat of the lizard.  but then quickly moves to New York and the first challenge spider-man faces,  Finding a way to get to Florida to deal with the new menace.

In the course of his research and efforts, we witness a heroic scene at the Natural History Museum where he gets some thugs and saves Liz Allan.  Adding to the ongoing dynamic of his high school drama.

But by the time we reach the seventh page, the story has finely reached Florida and both Peter Parker and Spider-Man have a job to do, this is where the story really starts to get good.  we witness the action between The Lizard and Spider-Man,  but more than that, we get the back story for this menace, learning there is more to him then his outer layer of scales.

As comic book stories go, this one is a great read, even a must. and given that I heard  though the grapevine that I heard the lizard will be in the new movie. Now may be the time to read this stunning and heart-felt story.


Compared to recent spider-man issues, I liked the art that Steve Ditko did for this one a lot better.  there could be a lot of factors as to why I feel it had improved for this issue,  or just chance.   but i do feel that the work enhanced the story for this issue,  adding just the right bits to the mood, while maintaining the comical appearance.

Originality & Continuity

At its heart, this story is another take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. For this story, Dr. Connors in an effort to make a difference and do something good for both himself and other men or woman who lost a limb, ends up  altering himself into the monster known as The Lizard, and now must be stopped.

This story does flow with the last few issues well, offering no real challenges or growth on the continuity established but perhaps giving a few things to build upon.

Character & Development

Spider-Man and his Aunt May

To go to Florida, and perform his super-hero function, he first must get Aunt May’s permission, it’s quite a funny scene to read, when you think about it.  This is just one of the many way’s Spider-Man an Peter Parker are being set up differently than other hero’s even teenagers.  For example you don’t see the Human Torch having these kinds of problems.

Peter Parker and the Girls

In this issue, Parker shows an interest in both Betty Brant and Liz Allan,  but at least for this issue, he is left out of luck,  although there are hints that at least one of the girls likes him, while ironically the other spider-man. Not to uncommon of an event as  Super Hero’s often find themselves competing with themselves over the attention of woman.


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