Incredible Hulk #4:Gladiator from Outer Space

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Incredible Hulk #4 is the halfway point of the original six issue run. With this issue it seems like Jack & Stan decided to try something a bit different, instead of telling one full issue story filled with everything we expect and hope for, they gave us two, both staring our favorite green machine. The Hulk.

Where the first story I feel focused on development, the second focused on incredible action and the ongoing conflict.  It is a great complement to the first issue. where that one focuses on building our characters up, this one uses what’s been built.

The dual story format is not all that different from last issue, where the one story read and felt like two. This time there is just a clearer break between the two. I found Gladiator from Outer Space a good read, and it was not what I expected.


This is one of those story’s that seem well written and thought out.  An alien shows up and offers a challenge to the earth to stop an invasion.  but as it goes, things are not as they seem.

It is well written plot, and it all seems to fit in, except for the part of the Hulk taking a jet to the grand canyon. What is with that? The hulk, whom has jumped great distances in an emulated flying taking a jet? Let alone how did they let him charter it? One whole does not ruin a story, but it is indeed something to point out.

The story is good and thought-provoking. We get to see a different side of the Hulk/Banner character then we have so far.

I found the ending quite interesting, the hulk showed the communist more mercy then I feel other hero’s would have, perhaps its a sign of his intelligence, or to show that he seen that they where just doing their job. But I don’t think it would have ended the same way if it where the Fantastic Four, Thor or Ant-Man.


I feel this story is as well done as the other in this issue, but this one gets its greatest props for timing between the panels of the battle. I feel the timing was quick to show a lot of quick changing detail. For example they detail out 4 panels for a grenade being thrown, caught, and crushed.

the whole battle seems to be a matter of a few short seconds, with each panel taking place just after the next, I feel the artwork paces the battle quite well.  The background detail was a little lacking in many panels, but it seemed to be there when it needed to be.

Originality & Continuity

I think the way the story progressed and twisted was quite original. It has a great plot, and one that seems to be quite easy to accept with the normal amount of suspended disbelief. it was not at all the story I expected when I started it, it was better.

it also fit quite well in with the state of the hulk in this issue, being both free and smart. but we will see just how long this version of the Hulk lasts.

Characters & Development

The greatest development is in the world, even when the hulk does the right thing, comes forth and is the hero that he needs to be,  the public just does not see it,  they see the hulk as a monster to be captured.

This level of ignorant non-acceptance is quite a statement about the world and how things are seen. The hulk is a monster, therefore what he does must be monstrous.  the deeper meaning of this I feel is not lost in this issue as a whole, as both stories touched on this when the hulk did the right thing. with that said, there is little development of our main or support characters with this story; but it does provide a great action pack peace with a bit of world building.

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Cover Date: Nov 1962
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