Journey Into Mystery #100:The storm Giants

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We started with Buri and glanced over Borr before moving to two stories that feature Odin. Now, we have moved on to the featurette staring a young Thor. In this tale, we follow him on his mission to accomplish deeds of valor so that he may one day inherit Odin’s enchanted battle hammer.


More specifically, we follow Thor and Loki on an adventure where they follow the two sons of the storm giant who stole Iduna’s golden apples. We watch Thor and Loki invade the giants’ home and seek to reclaim the golden apples. However, as the reader sees, each of their motivations proves to be a bit different from the others.

In this tale, and their young age, we see the hints of whom they have become, Loki may be malicious, but I feel he falls short of being a true villain. It is open to interpretation on how much Thor realizes his brother’s intent at this juncture.


The greatest skill here is making Thor and Loki look young yet recognizable. You can see who they become, but also know that they are boys in these pages by Jack Kirby. Their attire also matches that of their grown form, helping to create a visible link of the two. Take a look at the panel shared to the right, the two youths, Thor trying to lift the hammer and Loki looking on.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Jan 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Paul Reinman
  • Art Simek
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  • Asgardians
    • Thor
    • Loki
    • Odin
  • Agnar
  • Storm Giants






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