Journey into Mystery #109:Banished from Asgard

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Today we start by finding Thor, who in this story is not yet 20, being banished from Asgard for daring to fight a Duel against Odin’s wishes. In a similar fashion to Journey Into Mystery #107, Odin’s mind seems set, and he is unwilling to heed the advice of his subjects to reconsider. But perhaps, like that story, things are more than they appear.

Arkin, The weak, who is described as the cousin of Evil Loki, overhears this. Then lead by his desire for the heart of the queen of the mountain giants Knorda sets off to tell her of this change in Asgardian royal dynamics.


Now to continue the synopsis in the realm that may include spoilers the narrative leads us to a plot by Knorda to use this information to take Asgard after first stopping the lone Thor. so her forces ambush the God of Thunder chasing him though a canyon and into a dead end.

However, where it may be a dead end in the eyes of the giants, there is a cave-like exit large enough for our hero. While he is making his exit, the forces of Asgard led by Oden are… (surprise, surprise) performing an ambush of their own for the giants atop the canyon. At the end, we learn that the exile was just a ploy to root out the traitor in Asgard.

This short story featuring a pair of throw away villains, to me is lacking depth and while the narrate choice keeps the reader in the dark as much as the antagonist the twist at the end is not rewarding enough to make up for the shortcomings.


I think it should be no surprise, that Jack Kirby (the King of comics) work is strong in this issue even if the story is not. Knorda and her headpiece has the potential to be a compelling look for a villainess. But I would also like to draw your attention to the detail in the panel at the bottom of page three where Thor is being chased by the Queen and her army of Giants.


If you are looking for my permission to skip a story, I would give it for this one. At the conclusion of reading it, I see no likely long term significant reason to need to read it, and while while I cannot call it bad, I also will not call it amazing.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Oct 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Vomce Cp;;etta
  • Sam Rosen
Review Ratings:
  • Asgardians
    • Thor
    • Arkin the Weak
    • Odin
  • The Mountain Giants
    • Queen Knorda






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