Journey Into Mystery #112:The Coming of Loki!

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Although only briefly seen in this tale, we get the origin of Loki in this issue. The story takes place upon a great battle between Odin and Laufey. The battle rages on between the two until the Giants’ army decides to join the fray with the destruction of its leaders’ weapon.


But the centerpiece of this story is not about the battle, but the outcome; with Laufey defeated and dead and Odin as the clear victor, a baby is found. The young, non-giant child of the giant king, the Baby Loki. Odin decrees that he will be raised as his son henceforth and be of Asgard. This 5-page featurette tells a lot in its few pages, and overall can be an enjoyable read even if not overwhelming or suspenseful.


The work of Jack Kirby feeds into this, guiding the story forward though what is mostly battle until its foreshadowed conclusion at the end, the finding of Loki.

Originality and Continuity

This fits in well with what we have seen before in these features and does not step (too much) on what came before it. Overall it is a fine addition to the marvel version of Asgardian lore.

Characters and Development


This story is more about Odin, and his humanity. it shows while he fights and punishes the forces of Laufey. that battle does not extend to his infant son, and instead he takes the boy in as his own.


Loki origin and background are fundamentally set here, as it is revealed that he is not the actual son of Odin, but rather an adoptive son. This distinction sets him apart from his brother and adds depth to his character, which ultimately contributes to our understanding of him as the chef antagonist. This revelation serves as a foundational development for Loki. This aspect of Loki’s background provides a rich backdrop for his character arc and adds significant depth to the narrative.

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Cover Date: Jan 1965
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Vince Colletta
  • Art Simek
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