Journey Into Mystery #107:When The Gray Gargoyle Strikes

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fter the two-part team up between Mr. Hyde and The Cobra, we get a new menace for Thor to deal with; and all without the apparent tampering of his brother Loki in the background – that being something that has been more often than not for about the last seven issues. But the new menace – whom has the power to turn anything he touches into stone that he gained during a lab accident – has ambitious goals of immortality and even greater power for himself. In fact he see’s defeating Thor and claiming Thor’s mightily hammer as a means to his goals. No matter how delusional his plan may be the Gray Gargoyle proves to be quite a real threat for the Asgardian God.    But what of the events of the last two issues? what of Jane Foster’s feeling of Don Blake betraying Thor? is continuity addressed or left forgotten? more on that below. 


there is one panel, that stands above the rest when I look at the is issue,   showing  Thor prone and stunned after an explosion knocked him down,  and the hammer  lying on the ground feet away from him,  with the Gray Gargoyle  reaching for the great prize he seeks.  this panel is a great example of foreshortening in the gray gargoyle’s reach, and even as a greater example of three dimensional depth with he hammer being in the foreground.   This panel does what Jack Kirby does so well, showing the scene, mid action,  with the depth and detail that makes me feel like I am watching  a live scene.

Originality & Continuity

This issue, picks up with the issues that where left on our mind after the last couple stories, with Don Blake contemplating his feels of Jane Foster, and how both as a God and as a man he seems doomed not to have her.

It seems I’m never to find the happiness I seek! As Thor, god of thunder, my father Odin, forbids me to marry Jane Foster because the thunder-god may not marry a mortal!  and, as Don Blake,  Jane Foster has nothing but loathing for me, since she thinks that I betrayed Thor to the cobra and Mr. Hyde in order to save myself…!

Don Blake’s own thoughts, say louder and better the issues  we start with better than I could have. and then the issue goes on to make significant strides to address them,  even less  then a page later.   In fact,  the continuity is better than I would have hoped for given the way many stories of the day were done.

Characters & Development

As I just said,  the issues that were carried over from the last two issues ( and in fact,  more than that) get addressed, at least in part in this issue.  as Jane Foster confesses her love for Don Blake to Thor.  How this comes to be, is in a fashion that is only comic book worthy, but just the same this is the most significant development for Jane Foster and Don Blake from the moment she was introduced. From this page forward,  Thor and his mortal alter ego knows of Jane’s love!   But this still likely leaves the issues with Odin about his son marrying  a mortal..


All this character development, and strong continuity, and I am only three pages into the comic book. In fact that left plenty of room for the origin story of The Gray Gargoyle, and  then Action, and a victory unlike any before.   I won’t spoil it for you now, but Thor is not the hero of this issue, someone else gets the credit for stopping The Gray Gargoyle!  You will just have to read this energetic tail and see for yourself.

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Cover Date: Aug 1964
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  • Stan Lee
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  • Chick Stone
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    The grey Gargoyle is one of my favourite villains

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