Journey Into Mystery #112:The Mighty Thor Battles the Incredible Hulk!

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What happens should Thor and the Hulk fight, one might think given the status of the Hulk in his stories currently that we would be left waiting for such a battle, after all the avengers have ended their pursuit of the Hulk that such a conflict would be unlikely. This story however tells such a tale in the scope of a flashback to the Events of Avengers #3. A side battle between Hulk and Thor that adjust or retcons the events of the prior tale.


This tale is told through the context of Thor talking to fans who are debating who is stronger, Hulk or Thor. The two groups, strong in their convictions, take to hearing his story about the flashback and the fight and the lesson that there is more than just physical strength to consider in such things. Or as Thor puts it, “Sometimes brute strength alone is not the important thing!”

In this epic we witness Thor communicate with his father, to allow him to let go of the hammer and maintain being Thor for the duration of five minutes in order to test himself against the Hulk.


Then we have some of the best comic action seen in the pages of Thor, as the two hero’s face off and fight, with the tied of battle ever turning between the two, to its less then conclusive ending. In this review I am including several panels that showcase the mighty battle as drawn by Jack Kirby.

Originality And Continuity

This does fit in with the past avengers story, and works to tell a tale that I think needed to be told. It also serves to supply a message to the readers though giving a message to the fan stand-in’s about strength. But on the whole, other then needing that one issue to lean in, it is a stand alone story without a lot of ties (and none quite recent) for thor, it is even more of an add/reminder that Hulk has his own tales being told again in another marvel magazine.

Characters And Development

The fact that Odin can override Thor’s need for the hammer is a huge development, even if he is bound to do so exactly as asks. I do have some concerns that this may have worked into the tale told to the fans. Did Thor reveal his weakness? I will opt to think he did not, but I would love other people to point out their thoughts on this. The ambiguates of that question to me cost the issue just a little bit.

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Cover Date: Jan 1965
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Chick Stone
  • Sam Rosen
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  • Avengers
    • Thor
    • Giant-Man
    • Iron Man
    • The Wasp
  • Hulk
  • Odin






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