Journey Into Mystery #83:Thor the Mighty! and The Stone Men from Saturn

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A big title for a short story,  the ‘Journey Into Mystery’ comics would feature a few stories in each, but all I have the luxury of reviewing is ‘Thor the Mighty! and “The Stone Men from Saturn”‘. This 13 page short is the first appearance of The Mighty Thor, and serves at the origin story for how Dr. Don Blake  by chance, luck of fate becomes him.

In fact, from issue #83 on, the title ‘Journey Into Mystery’ Would feature Thor, and grow into being a comic about our favorite Norse god. But these 13 pages is where it all begin’s for him. In them we see a wonderful showcase of Dr. Blake learning what powers he possesses as Thor as well as saving the earth from an invasion of Stone Men whom come from Saturn of all places.


initially the only thing about the story I dislike is the planet of origin for the alien invaders. however who is to say the ‘Saturn’ there referring to is the same one as the 6th planet from our sun? For all I know their home world from stars away could by chance be called Saturn, that is what I will choose to believe.

In any case the story begins with the Stone Men testing their strength, and a fisherman witness.  When he reports what he seen back in town no one believes him, but Dr. Blake overhears him and decides to check out the area himself the next day.

While checking out the area, he does discover the Stone Men, and fails in his attempt to flee undetected.  They follow him, but he ducks into a cave. In that cave Dr. Blake’s life will change forever, it is there he first becomes Thor.

As Thor, he tests his powers, leaning how in addition to great strength, though using his hammer, he has a good selection from summoning storms, to flying.  he also learns, without the hammer in his hand’s he will turn back into Don Blake after about a minute. The story wraps up with Thor quickly stopping the alien’s where the military failed.


the artwork in this issue was a bit disappointing, I would not go so far to say it was bad, but it did not live up to my expectations. The Stone Men where kind of boring looking and plain, with little signs of emotion drawn into them.  Given what I have seen with The Thing, I know that a stone man can be done well.

Most of the frames also seemed to bounce between serious and silly as well, while I would say the comic could be done either way, I did not like how it seemed to as this is an origin story, I feel it only fair to say that I think the character design and appearance of Thor is great.

Originality & Continuity

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shell possess the power of… Thor

How should I begin? This is the 3rd alien story I read  in two week’s. I may even just start keeping track of how many times the earth is near invaded as I go.  Much like the frog men the Hulk stopped, the rock men where boring alien’s on their own.

But Thor’s origin was great, no radiation, no experiment gone wrong.  just a simple magical artifact found. its simple, but sometimes simple is all that’s needed. In addition the mystical origin of the hammer and thus Thor adds something to the universe and keeps him tied to the mythos of his origin. Much better than say someone powerful decides to go by the name.

Characters & Development:

The story is quite short, and we don’t have much time to get into the mind of Dr. Don Blake.  As such I feel given the 13 pages, and how it covers the beginning, I can let go the shallowness of our new hero. For now.

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