Journey Into Mystery #88:the Vengeance of Loki

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Loki’s back, and with a thirst for revenge against Thor, but this time Loki is more prepared for his duel with his brother. Before even reading further, I would encourage any comic fan to check out this classic story. in The Mighty Thor, Vol.1 (Marvel Masterworks). You have this great story and more. it includes Journey Into Mystery #83 where Thor was introduced, right up though Journey Into Mystery #100.  Ok, now that I have given my shameless link to try to make a dime off something your going to buy anyway.


The story is one that I began falling in love with from the first pages,  starting off with flashback’s and references to what happened in not just 1, but two past issues. both giving the basics of Loki’s defeat in Journey Into Mystery #85 and how Thor turned back into Don Blake while captured in issue #87.

The story just got better from there, we truly learn why they call Loki, the god of mischief, though his action’s after having defeated Thor.  How does Loki Defeat Thor? how does Thor turn it around by the last page?  you will have to read, you won’t regret it.


You got to admire the way Dr. Don Blake and Jane foster are silhouetted by the red hues of what I presume are a setting sun. it’s both the detail of the flower, and the lack of color to the detail of our hero’s that makes this panel, during this scene so touching and meaningful.

after just praising Jack Kirby the other day, it seems like I shouldn’t do it so quickly again.  Oh well: The detail, the posture’s of the characters are all done so well.  From Loki’s even grin, to the dazed Jane Foster. There is also great use of Foreshortening in Thor throwing his hammer, once again.

But most of all, Kirby remind me, that sometimes it’s not in the detail’s that makes a great panel, but in the way details are left out.  The Picture of Don Blake and Jane foster to the right after Loki’s victory is one such panel.

It had the ability to move me in side, reminding us, that Loki won purely by exploiting the heart of our hero. that Thor did the right thing.

I feel the whole issue is done with this care, to express the emotion as well as the graphics of the story as we read it.

Originality & Continuity

I feel this story not only fits into the continuity but serves to unify it.  That even while Loki has been out of the picture for a couple of issues, that he is plotting and watching, until he found something he could exploit by watching the events from afar of last issue.

This is a great tie in, and makes for the start of a great story. reading it everything just flowed in an organic fashion, that made it both seem quite real, and appropriate to the ongoing story of Thor.

Characters & Development

This story had some true character development’s. for both Thor, and our featured antagonist Loki, let me look at each in turn.


Loki grew in this issue, we seen how being beaten by Thor last time effected him, we also got to see how seriously he sticks to his word to Odin, as well as commands given to him. The first part of this issue, teaches us how he can plot and plan, and wait. all while his desire for revenge festers.

As the story continues we learn the lengths he will go to triumph over Thor. how his masterful plan falls into place and works. but more importantly, with victory we see both how he celebrates and carry’s on, living up to his title of god of mischief quite well.


Thor on the other side of the coin, grows the most though one key action. his choice for his hammer and his power, or to save a woman he cares greatly for. I think we all know what he picked. and to sacrifice the power of Thor by risking the hammer to save Jane’s life.  that tells us the most about our hero so far.

Sacrifice is one of the greatest traits of a hero, but with it, he also risked defeat for himself, and danger for humanity. but all in all, Thor showed us, even as a god that he is human.

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