Doctor Strange: Season One

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Character Depth:★★½☆☆☆ 
Value Added:★★★½☆☆ 
New Readers:★★½☆☆☆ 

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Cover Date: Sep 2012

  • Ahmad Amin
  • Doctor Strange
  • Dormannu
  • Imogen Tuttle
  • Mordo
  • Ricky White
  • Sofia Di Cosimo
  • The Ancient One
  • The Vishanti
  • Wong


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    • The Himalayas, Temple of the Ancient One.
    • Tibet

    This comic book review is for Doctor Strange: Season One; and  with it I plan to uphold the same level of expectations i did for the other season one titles I reviewed.  If you would like to know more about my methods or my view points on season one as a whole,  you can check out my review of Fantastic Four: Season one, as I covered those in my introduction there.

    But, I feel in some ways Doctor Strange is unique, among the classic marvel hero’s.  Instead of smashing and beating up enemies, he usually obtained victory with wits, and a bit of magic.  Limited most by his own imagination; he could easily achieve his goal with minimum direct confrontation.  so as opposed to when I reviewed the Hulk story and expected to see him smash, In Dr. Strange I hoped to see him think.  I hope to see the same elements that I feel drew in college age readers for his classic (even if Trippe and out there) Tales. 

    The Story

    I do feel the story was a well written, and developed adventure tale, even if it does remind me a bit of Lord of the Rings. (something the author was aware of, with in dialogue jokes).  it offered both the origin of Dr. Strange as well as one epic adventure for our hero, and his comrades.

    The story on its own, and as a stand alone tale works quite well, even if I think it could be a little confusing at times to someone not already at least slightly familiar with Doctor Strange.  it also in doing this tale, adds to the already established continuity, as opposed to just recapping a key classic tale in a new way, helping fill in the gaps in Doctor strange history.

    The Artwork

    if looking at a doctor strange tale, and hoping it captures some of the classic doctor strange style that Steve Ditko did, this would not be the right tale.  I do not feel the dark elements, of the stylistic art of the magic emanates the classic Doctor strange.

    However, as a style of its own, I do feel it was well done,  in its own way, it gave us a dark world, and a colorful mystical one.  it also seemed to capture  the magic and raw, untamed energy in a creative way.  so while the artwork was not what i was hoping for, it did prove to be something I liked.  while not as shadowy and dark as classic doctor strange, it is in its own way mystical.


    I feel that the first part of the story, did channel Doctor Strange’s origin from strange tales #115 quite well.  although doing with new dialogue, and more pages, then it was in that original mini five-page feature.    I can not say that I feel that more pages are better, but I will say that I feel the origin was done wonderfully.

    The rest of the story, seems less like In-Continuity and more of a tale retconned into the existing continuity.  although I would welcome anyone to tell me that I am wrong on this, (with issues as sources, if possible) below and I will chance my stance.

    Character Depth

    While there is some depth to the characters; I can not help but feel that compared to some of the other tales, it was lacking here.  and given that I feel the classic doctor strange offered more depth then some of the other tales, this is shocking.

    the tale also seems to be less thought-provoking then some of the early tales, in stead trading that in, for some strong action packed moments.  Yet there is at least the hint that tactics and thought plays as much of a role in magical combat as raw power.

    Value Added

    I feel this Season One tale, serves best as value added for existing readers of Doctor Strange, even from a casual level.  after the origin story, it gives us a new and interesting tale, that  serves to augment the already existing origin story. but, for the most casual reader, it seems to serve little purpose if they are already familiar with his origin and don’t need it augmented.

    New Readers

    here is where I fear this tale falls short, I am not sure this is as great a launching point for a new reader as it could be; in fact I can’t help but feel that someone who never picked up a Doctor Strange tale, and decided to start here would be confused.




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