Strange Tales #120:The House Of Shadows!

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The second tale from Strange Tales #120 i am going to review is “The House Of Shadows!” featuring Dr. Strange master of the mystic arts.  this comic book story according to its title page is “A tale of eerie enchantment told in the marvel manner!” but can it live up to this and the recent tales of Dr. Strange?


In fact, I can say nothing bad about this story, it offered it all, from a thrilling and  strange twist; all with a level of wonder and disbelief, both by the reader and the background characters.  I challenge you to read the house of shadows and know the outcome before the end? I think you will be as surprised as I was, and happily so.


Steve Ditko really found his place with the artwork for Dr. Strange, from the eerie colors, to the effective use of shadows that we have seen for issues, and this style is constantly evolving, and getting better.  we see it again in this issue.  perhaps just as important is the use of angles,  and not always showing our hero from he front. the panel i included shows him alone and from behind, helping add to the awe and mystic feeling that these tails offer.

Book Information:
Cover Date: May 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Steve Ditko
  • S Rosen
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  • Doctor Strange
  • The House of Shadows
  • Allan Stevens
  • Bill Brinkly
Locations And Things:
  • Magic Amulet with “All Seeing Eye”




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  1. Pete Avatar

    I feel that this was a classic, working in everything the era had to offer and more.

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