Tales of Suspense #59:Captain America

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The second feature for Tales of Suspense #59 features Captain America in his first silver aged solo adventure. In this issue we have captain america left as the Avenger tending to Avengers mansion while the others are out. Then we have Bull, a criminal ringleader, thinking to take advantage of the situation, seeing the captain as the avengers weakest link.


In reviewing this peace, I just have to start with the art, from the first page to the last, we have a Jack Kirby masterpiece. the opening splash page is a thing of beauty, then every last action packed panel, right to the last page; the exceptional nature of his style never lets up.


We have not seen Captain America in his own adventure sence the Avengers found and thawed him, this issue is the first in many ways of braking ground, and introducing what it can be.

The story is a fun read, and while not getting to weighted down with the captains ongoing internal conflict relating to the loss of bucky; his depression does get mentioned.

Characters & Development

This story also serves as the introduction of Jarvis, the Avengers butler. while there is not much depth given; and his purpose may have just been for a simple lot point here, it is the introduction of a character that will come to have a lasting impact.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Nov 1964
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  • Jack Kirby
  • Stan Lee
  • Chick Stone
  • S. Rosen
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Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733½&#9734
  • Captain America
  • Bull
  • Bulls Gang
  • Jarvis
Locations And Things:
  • Avengers Mansion






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