Tales of Suspense #60:The Army of Assassins Strikes!

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This issue is about Zemo planning to defeat Captain America by laying a trap where he will fight an army of assassins while believing it to be a staged demonstration. In this case, it is Captain America doing a demonstration for a charity benefit and to make people aware of the importance of physical fitness


The story is fast-paced and action-packed, starting with action as Zemo tests his plan, then the actual conflict, and offering only a few pauses in the action along the way. In all, this fast pace story proves to be a fun and enjoyable read, but at the cost of any real character development or any significant feeling of Continuity. However, the Captain America “Solo” stories are just starting to find their pace and place in Tales of Suspense.


Jack Kirby’s artwork Inked by Chic Stone leaves me to start with just one word “Wow!‘ I can feel a loving dynamic for the hero and telling the stories for Captain America in Jack’s work that shows through page after page. In fact, I suspect it is the art that makes the story limited to mostly the action work as it represents the action.

The Cost: Characters, Development, Originality, Continuity

if you frequent my site you know the other two big categories I often write about and rate comics on, but I combined them here and in my rankings. these issues are lacking and thus should have an impact on the quality of the review; but it is also sometimes ok for a comic to just be page after page of action and offer no significant growth so long as that does not become the status que.

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Cover Date: Dec 1964
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