Tales to astonish #61:Captured At Last!

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The Tale featuring the Hulk from Tales To Astonish #61 titled “Captured At Last!” takes place as a directly continuation (although taking place some weeks later)  of the story from issue 60.  In this ongoing epic, we have Bruce Banner working hard to develop a means to track down the enemy controlled robot he created in the prior  issue,  with plans to bring about his end.   At the same time,  Major Glenn Talbot arrives taking on the post of head of security.  Although his main mission is to prove that there is something up, or some risk to Banner, as reported by General Ross.  Thus, building upon both the prior story, and developing the world around our hero at the same time.

Characters & Development

In this issue, we see the introduction of a new character, Major Glenn Talbot whom has the job of  proving General Ross’s suspicions about banner

General Thunderbolt Ross Meets Major Glenn Talbot and they discuss the investigation of Bruce Banner

While in some ways, being an echo of the older general,  a model military officer, and another antagonist for our hero to deal with in the issue – and issues – to follow. The pages of this volume offer us the framework for what would be needed to make Talbot an interesting character.

But then this issue is not without some growth of Betty  as well,  her wondering if her father may be onto something; in seeing the same concern about banner in the eyes and words of Talbot. seeding the first real doubt in her as to the motives of her beloved Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner and the hulk have the least development in this issue,  maintaining a mostly status que for the hero, while dealing with the threat at hand.

Originality & Continuity

This story flows right out of the last, and while not just wrapping it up, creates the beginning of an ongoing tale, building the world around the hulk with greater depth then he had in his first series.  In some ways this tale looks to help further reestablish the character, and drive home the recons already done, while building the world and cast around him, making things feel both more real, and personal.


this issue  continues beyond just solving the threat left from the last issue, and Ends at a new and in some ways more threatening way for our hero,  leaving us waiting for more… yet loving what we just read.  More words could not praise my thoughts any better.


The style of Steve Ditko on the hulk seems to work with the story; setting the pacing, and even in the grimmest of moments, helping keeping the comic at least slightly light. the one panel I loved the most is the scene when General Ross finds out about the hulks  unconscious. seeing the madness in his eyes, at the sureness of the hulks capture.  rather than telling you about it, let me just say take a look at it yourself, and tell me just what you think about it.

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Cover Date: Nov 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Steve Ditko
  • George Bell
  • Sam Rosen
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  • General “Thunderbolt” Ross
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