Tales To Astonish #51:The Wonderful Wasp Tells A Tale: Somewhere Waits A Wobbow!

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In addition to the Giant-Man and The Wasp super hero feature, starting in this issue, The wonderful Wasp would get her own tale,  or at least the job of telling one. I could tell you what this is all about in my own words, but I would just assume quote the comic.

When she’s not on a case with Giant-Man, Janet Van Dyne devotes a great deal of time visiting  veterans’ hospitals’ and orphans’ homes,  entertaining the shut-ins with imaginative tales of fantasy as only she can tell them!

And this is a lead in for the story she presents “Somewhere Waits A Wobbow!” in some ways this is a great combination of the types of stories that filled Tales To Astonish before and alongside our hero’s up to now, just giving the narrator a voice and face from the super-hero side of things,  combining the two aspects of the book in an interesting way.  and giving us a great Story in A Story.

The Story

The story we are told by the wasp in this issue, is quite a good one, detailing what comes to those whom always break the rules in favor of themselves. but I won’t spoil it, and leave it to you to read what happens to the greedy  Rack Morgan.

The Artwork

I feel the artwork was of a fair quality and looked fairly good in this short feature, showing Larry Lieber did a good job both in the art and the script of this astonishing tale. 

Character Development

One may argue that this tale offers no character development, as it is just a story in a story, but I disagree.  it gives us another side to one of our hero’s,  a charitable side showing that she is not just a costumed crime fighter, but one who does other acts of civil responsibility.

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Cover Date: Jan 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Larry Lieber
  • George Bell
  • Art Simek
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Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733½&#9734
  • The Wasp



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