Tales To Astonish #53:When Wakes The Colossus!

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This tale, has the Wasp telling her story to Dr. Pym before leaving for the Veterans Hospital, giving us a slightly different backdrop, but helping to maintain the ongoing concept for the wasp tells a tale series.

The story she tells though, is just as entertaining as the last few though; being a tale of a far off alien planet, where a powerful warlord feeds off the superstitions of the people he conquers.  But can their ever be truth built into the beliefs of such Peoples?

Story & Art.

The wasp’s tale is entertaining, while the backdrop gives us a bit of room for the dynamic between Dr. Pym and Janet Van Dyne to grow.  Then once again, Lieber shows us, that while he is not the greatest artist at Marvel’s disposal, there is benefits to drawing and scripting your own work. 

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Cover Date: Mar 1964
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  • Dr. Henry Pym
  • The Wasp



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