Tales To Astonish #56:Beware The Bog Beast!

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his may be one of the best “The Wonderful  Wasp Tells A Tale” I have read! it would leave me excited for more but at last, more was not to come.  As Next month, the second feature would star the wasp, but not be a wonderful Tale.

This is a tale, of a lovely woman, and sister to a powerful ruler, and this is the story of the “Lazy Lout” that loves her. But just as important, this is the story of the obstetrical the king puts on winning the right to marry his sister; by putting her on an island with the Bog beast who adores her more than anything, and offering her hand in marriage as the prize for the man who free’s her.

But can Lorenzo, the love of her life succeed where all others fail? can he stop the beast that the strong man, and the combat expert failed? of course he can.. but you will have to read to see how,  or at least Take Janet Van Dyne for dinner.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Jun 1964
Read At:
  • Stan Lee
  • Larry Lieber
  • Paul Reinman
  • Art Simek
Review Ratings:
  • The Wasp
  • Giant-Man



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