Tales To Astonish #57:A Voice In The Dark

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This tale, is not like the other wasp extras, instead of Janet Van Dyne telling a tale to some sick or orphaned kids, she is instead on her way from one of these tales to a date with Hank Pym.  But as the wasp soon finds out, the tasks of being a super-hero often show up anytime, even when you’re in a hurry.  But can she find a way to stop the thief on her own? will she be late for her date?  we find out in “A Voice In The Dark” the second story in Tales To Astonish #57. But now onto my fairly short review for a short bonus feature.

The Story and the Art

I feel that Larry Lieber did a good job both doing the script and art for this tale, bringing the wasp to life on her first solo adventure, while making her seem a bit ‘weaker’ then the male heroes (not an uncomming trait for the 1960’s comics) she does manage to win the day in a creative fashion. As such, overall I liked this short tale.

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Cover Date: Jul 1964
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