X-men #2:No One Can Stop The Vanisher!

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For today’s comic book review I read X-men #2 where  we have Cyclops, The Beast, Angel, Ice Man, and Marvel Girl Face off against the Vanisher.  But can our teenage hero’s stop a mutant who’s power allows him to disappear instantly?  


I felt that the story for X-men #2 was well written and The multiple scenes all give us a way to better understand and learn about the new hero’s as the issue progresses.

While I do feel the overall story is good, The Vanisher feels a little bit corny as a Super Villain, even for the era in comics. Although I do like that they don’t bother to make his motives really clear to us, it is a smart choice that they should have used for a few past antagonist.


The artwork drawn by Jack Kirby and inked by Paul Reinman was top-notch.  offering plenty of detail and depth to the characters as the story itself.

Just look at the panel I included with the X-men back at the school after being defeated by the Vanisher.  This panel I feel is a great scene in the comic,  letting us almost gaze into their minds.

Originality & Continuity

I am actually fairly surprised that we have not had a lot of bad guy’s with the power to teleport yet.  So far for the early silver aged marvel comics,  he seems to be the first that I recall reading.

This issue also builds upon the idea of them being at a school, letting us watch them being trained again, this time in the danger room.

Characters & Development

Cyclops  & Marvel Girl may have a defining moment in the danger room as seen on the right.

This builds upon last issue where we seen that all the X-men except one has a crush on the new, and only female student of the school. Here we get to see the signs that she may have feeling back.

However, in great comic fashion no sweet moment can go unpunished, and Iceman is there to see to that.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Nov 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Paul Reinman
  • Sam Rosen
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Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734
Originality And Continuity&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734
Weak Endings&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734






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