X-men #3
Beware Of The Blob!

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Originality & Continuity:????½? 
Characters & Development:????½? 
Learning X-periences:?????½ 

Book Information:

Cover Date: Jan 1964

Characters & Groups
  • X-Men
    • Angel
    • Beast
    • Cyclops
    • Iceman
    • Marvel Girl
    • Professor X
  • The Blob's Circus
    • The Blob

  • Professor Xaver's School

For today’s comic book review I read “Beware Of The blob!” from  X-Men #3.  in this tale we have our team of X-men scouring the city to find a mutant that Professor X detected.  but are Cyclopes, Ice man, Angel, Marvel Girl, and The best ready for who they find?  Or will they be able to convince the Blob to join the X-Men?

This issue, is filled with 24 for pages of thrills as we get to see first hand how the team is developing, and watch them on their first outing to recruit another mutant.


as comic book stories go, this one was a good one, It offered us again a look into the life as an X-man, and a student of Professor X.   we watch as they train, as they act like kids, and even as they go out to try to find the blob. But most of all, we watch their mistakes, and hear their thoughts in a way that make the story flow along in an interesting and entertaining manner.


I felt that most of the art in this issue was well done, giving us a great look at the  X-men as they face not only the Blob, but every single manner of creature and performer a circus can muster up.   The army of circus performers gives each X-man a moment to shine in this thriller, and Jack Kirby helps bring those moments to the forefront.

But those are not the panels I choose to share, instead I share two that show the X-men battered and beaten, In the first we get to see them still struggling and fighting, and then  in the second we see them at the mercy of the blob.

I feel these two scenes greatly represent the artwork from this issue of X-Men, while leaving you to wonder just how this tale ends.

Originality & Continuity

This story of any, seems to fit just what I would expect of an X-men tale.  We were told from the beginning that they are out to stop evil mutants, but also to prevent others from joining them.   Thus this is a logical step, to try to get other mutants to join with them instead of  turn to Evil.

Characters & Development

The Beast

I feel that the beast seen the greatest development in this issue. In that this is where he is first established as the brain of the teenagers.  first by showing him with an advanced calculus book during study hour,  and then by the vocabulary and even choice of words used during combat with the Blobs men.

The X-men

This issue, also more firmly establishes the X-Men’s goals, letting us see that they are looking to add more mutants to their ranks. But it is in these pages that they learn a great lesson, that they may be told No.

It is likely that we will see the X-Men being more careful about who they trust in the future, and how they go about recruiting mutants.

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