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Tales of Suspense #59
Captain America

October 29, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

The second feature for Tales of Suspense #59 features Captain America in his first silver aged solo adventure. In this issue we have captain america left as the Avenger tending to Avengers mansion while the others are out. Then we have Bull, a criminal ringleader, thinking to take advantage of the situation, seeing the captain as the avengers weakest link. (more…)

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Tales of suspense #59
The Black Knight

October 28, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

As I sit down to write a comic book review of the story titled “The Black Knight” featuring Iron man, published in Tales Of Suspense #59, I find that this story (despite a later cover month) would clearly fit before the events of Avengers #9. That small fact out-of-the-way (and the impact on the avengers title is only one panel that would be less understood) I can get on to my synopsis, and review.

Tony Stark becomes Ill as he enters his officein this issue, after seeing the avengers off to a charity benefit, Iron Man stays behind to keep watch over the city. At the same time The Black Knight bust out of jail, and decided to get revenge on the avengers – starting with the one he knows how to find, Iron Man.   This assault starts before our hero can make it back to the factory.  In fact as, tony is walking in, the factory under sedge by the black knight, we also witness Tony Stark suffering from a power attack, causing him to have to retreat to his office, while scaring Pepper and Happy.


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Strange Tales #127
Duel with the Dread Dormammu!

October 27, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

After reviewing the story from Strange Tales #126 that featured Dr. Strange, I  found my self all to eager to read the second part; to bare witness to the conflict between the Doctor and the Dreaded Dormammu.  In fact, in the early pages of this adventure, we learn that this Duel does come with a high cost, win or lose.  We already knew from the last adventure, that if Dr. Strange lost, Dormammu intends to invade earth.  It is in these pages that we learn that if Dormammu looses, that his realm will face great danger from the mindless ones;  Thus putting Dr. Strange in the mental realm of not just a hard, but complex ethical conflict, even before the magical duel begins.


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Strange Tales # 126
The Domain Of the Dread Dormammu

October 24, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

While yesterday I established that the first tale from Strange Tales #126, left me lacking; today we explore the Realm of Darkness and face off against Dormammu himself with none other than Dr. Strange. This story starts off, with The Ancient One summing Strange just a short time after the events of the last story,  then informing him of Dormammu’s plans, as relayed from a messenger sent by the Dormammu himself.   What we have here, is Doctor Strange needing to take up a quest to another dimention to save earth from a great and powerful threat. (more…)

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Strange Tales # 126
Pawns of The Deadly Due!

October 23, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

The first story of Strange Tales #126 features The Human Torch and The Thing, but this time with a bit more Fantastic Four support then we are used to.   Of course the Duo are taking on another Duo of Former fantastic Four Villains, The Puppet Master and The Mad Thinker.   In this story the Puppet Master and Mad Thinker team up, and have a plan to take out the Fantastic Four, part by part; first by getting the thing to destroy the human torch.   But then, like all plans, nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.


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Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #11
The Crackdown of Capt. Flint!

October 22, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

Howling Commandos go Wah-hoooooIn this issue; Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos find themselves temperately reporting to Capt. Flint, whom is a ‘by the books officer’.  The Captain and his attitudes not only cramp the howlers unique – and individual  style, but also puts them in great danger as they set out on a mission with Capt. Flint overseeing the operation personally.  From the overly shiny helmets to his shiny bars on his shoulders,  the greatest danger to the mission seems to be the officers by the book attitude.  But then, how does this story fair in my – not so by the book – comic book review. (more…)

Categories: Marvel , Sgt. Fury and his Howling commandos

Fantastic Four #31
The Mad Menace Of The Macabre Mole Man!

October 20, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

Having just read, and as I sit down to write my comic book review Fantastic Four #31, I find that I let the action, and all the promises made fly though my head.  First and foremost, this tale signals the return of the Mole Man last seen in Fantastic Four #22. Then as if that is not enough, the cover offers the promise of a s surprise character seen only briefly, but who’s identity would shock us.   Then, on the opening page, we get yet another guarantee; the Fantastic Four will stand against the Avengers in this issue as well!

But then all stories have a beginning,   this one starts out with an unexpected earthquake in New York. From there we have the Fantastic Four, less sue storm going out to investigate, and learning of a missing city block. Sue on the other hand, got distracted by something she spotted in a newspaper as the earthquake happened.  Instead of joining the team, she is off to police headquarters for unexplained reasons.   it is not that many pages further in that Mole man captures Sue, and threatens the Fantastic Four against interference. Beyond that, he is going to hold them accountable for the actions of all, leaving them to stop the avengers whom are about the set out on an investigation of their own.Fantastic Four Vs Avengers


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Avengers #9
The Coming Of The... Wonder Man!

October 17, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

For this comic book review I read  Avengers #9, the story in this volume is titled  “The Coming Of the … Wonder Man!”.  In this tale we have Baron Zemo, The Enchantress, and The Executioner returning from their banishment that occured  in Avengers #7. Like most typical villains, their mind is single focused n gaining revenge, seeking to thort and destroy the avengers whom wronged them. To do this, they seek out another wronged -in a way- by the avengers. In this case Simon Williams is found, and turned into Wonder Man by the genius of Zemo. Wonder Man with a wondrous array of powers, the strength, speed, and skill to rival the avengers – kept in check by Zemo only by the need to continuously retrieve  an antidote for the method that caused his super-powers or otherwise die – is then sent to infiltrate the avengers, to help Zemo destroy them from within.    (more…)

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Amazing Spider-Man #17
The Return Of The Green Goblin!

October 16, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

TIn amazing Spider-Man #17 we have the tale titled “The Return Of the Green Goblin!”. This  feature offers a lot of pieces, that all add to the larger tapestry of the issue as well as the ongoing adventures of Spider-Man.  From the blunder early in the issue, where spider-man interfere with the filming of a Movie,( a theme that in some ways brings us back to the green goblins last appearance, and also reminds us of other stories) Serves as a starting ground for discrediting Spider-Man.

Though all this  Peter Parkers greatest school yard enemy Flash Thompson proves -quite ironically-  to be Spider-Mans most loyal fan, and thus pushes for the start of a Fan club.  In creating this, Flash with the help of Liz, whom has her own motives sets up a further meeting of the club at a well of club, and prom ices in the newspaper spider-mans arrival.   Just the kind of opportunity Green Goblin has been looking for.

So, the club draws out Spider-Man hoping to fix his reputation,  Green Goblin hoping to defeat Spider-Man,  Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) with his date Doris Evans show up to see the hero, J Jonah Jameson hoping to find something to use against Spider-Man, And  if that’s not enough, there is a whole club full of full of fans as well.

But that is not even half of the adventure and thrill in the issue…


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Strange Tales #125
Mordo Must Not Catch Me

October 15, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

The tale of Doctor Strange from Strange Tales #125 is one of an epic battle between Dr. Strange and Baron Mordo, his often repeated nemesis. This time Mordo traps The Ancient One first, before attempting to take on Doctor Strange. leaving our hero with the daunting task of fighting Mordo while finding and freeing his Mentor. (more…)

Categories: Marvel , Strange Tales , doctor strange

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