Daredevil #2
The Evil Menace Of Electro!

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Cover Date: Jun 1964

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  • Baxter Building

The Thing, and the Fantastic Four appearing in the second issue of Daredevil? not an all surprising fact, as they also sent Spider-Man off to a good start in his first issue.  but is their appearance in this issue more of the same as it was then, or is it creative?

Also talking about spider-man, in this issue we see Daredevil face off against Electro, who’s first and only appearance so far was Amazing Spider-Man #9. an issue I personally liked  a lot, but can his success in that issue carry over to this title?

without many further words let’s get to my comic book review of “The Evil Menace of Electro!” from Daredevil #2, written by Stan Lee and with art by Joe Orlando.

The Artwork

I do not feel that the artwork in this issue was as well done as Daredevil #1; not having the same level of detail or depth. and in fact i feel i would have just assumed have seen  Bill Everett back to do this issue, or jack Kirby due to the key role the Fantastic Four and their headquarters would play.  I do feel i will have to see how Joe Orlando’s art will grow on me for the coming issues of Daredevil, but for the first one I was left unimpressed.

For my panel i choose to share, i give the comical appearance of the Fantastic Four and The Thing as they pay Matt Murdock a visit at his law firm.

Originality & Continuity

I do feel that this story worked well with the continuity of all that was involved, and if you think about it, there was a lot.  We have Electro from Spider-Man #9, Fantastic Four from their ongoing series, and of course the new daredevil cast that is just getting off and running with last issue.

While the Fantastic Four part could have easily fit almost anywhere in their issue history, up until now; the story and the way it was written does seem to fit well with their characters, and give them a good reason for being there.

Characters & Development

Daredevil and his powers

it is kind of funny how in one issue you can see a hero powers seem too unbelievable; as he navigates the spaceship back to earth, avoids the populated part of New York, even times his leap from a helicopter with his heartbeat.  to a lack of powers ( or to show off his blindness) with just getting lucky to get his billy club / cane caught on the guard rail or the elevator cable.

I feel that we need to see his powers fleshed out, and developed. as in particular in one issue, this back and forth just left a bad taste in my mouth for daredevil and the kind of hero he can be.


The Story was overall well done, offering us a little bit of growth for Matt Murdock and his co-stars, while working to integrate him into the marvel universe.  while this would be a must read for any daredevil fans’ i would only recommended it to fans of the Fantastic Four, as their role is kind of minor, although the Baxter building is key.



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2 thoughts on “Daredevil #2

  1. Kinda sad for Electro’s second appearance. In truth he should be taking on Iron man or the hulk with his power. In truth he never recovered from losing to DD.

    great blog, by the way, looking forward to reading more. I love silver/bronze age marvel


    • I do look forward to writing more, but July had been a busy month for me, keeping me away from my hobby, and it is good to hear your comments.

      I do agree, it would have been great to see him up against Iron Man as his second opponent, and it would have been quite fitting. it also felt too early for DD to be up against another heroes menace, but I think that was in part the desire to show him off as being “a super hero” in his own right, and not just someone to fight street thugs.

      I do think the vulture or sandman might have been a better pick to accomplish this; and been a better ‘match’ for an early DD. what do you think?

      in any case, i would love to hear from you again!

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