Fantastic Four #11:The Impossible Man

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Much like the last couple issues of Incredible Hulk, This issue of Fantastic Four, featured 2 stories. The Second one, Titled The Impossible Man I will Review now. For A Visit With The Fantastic FourCheck out my last review.

Assuming you have read my review of A Visit with The Fantastic Four, you know this tale followed by far one of my favorite tales I have reviewed so far. Taking up the 2nd half of a great issue, Could I truly expect it to match, and live up to what I just read? Likely not. But I will say it did do a good job of standing on its own as a great wacky tale.


Unlike the serious nature and threat of some of the stories, this issue deals with an alien, whom is “Impossible” to deal with.  his race has the ability to ‘evolve’ at will. perhaps the ultimate shape changer’s of the universe.

What this leads to is a wacky story featuring an antagonist, whose motives are not evil at its nature.  The Impossible Man is just culturally different, and child like.  How does our hero’s deal with a menace such as this? Read this great story to find out.

This wacky , and weird tale is a great lighthearted read, and a good second half of issue 11. it brings comic back to the comic book title for a bit, it does stretch outrageous and plausibility a bit, but the risk is well worth it this once.


The design for impossible man, or I should say designs as he changes regularly is as funny and wacky as the character him self.

Like a child, our alien is so expressive, each time you see him you can tell how he feels and almost what he is thinking just by how he stands, how he looks.   from his poses.

The art, adds to everything the story is, perhaps even defining it. it makes funny into hysterical and  cute into adorable .  it is the great multiplier of this tale.

Impossibly Funny

Because the first story of this book did such a seller job on my last two regular  categories for review. I have opted not to review this story on them.  Instead I just wanted to again mention, just how funny, and wacky this story is.  Think of an alien whom does not understand earth customs, whom can be anything he wants.  and picture him just trying to be on a vacation and having a good time. got that image. Now add a lot more humor and you got this great tale.

The fact that it is funny , and impossible, does not make this any less worth reading as a Fantastic Four adventure, how hero’s deal with what they can’t easily defeat is more important than how they deal with what they can.  so read it and enjoy it.

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Cover Date: Feb 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Dick Ayers
  • Art Simek
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  • Planet PopPup, in the Tenth Galaxy






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