Fantastic Four #17
Defeated By Doctor Doom!

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3.75 Stars
Fantastic Four 17

Review Ratings:

Originality & Continuity:★★★★★☆ 
Characters & Development:★★☆☆☆☆ 
Stunning second part:★★★★½☆ 

Book Information:

Cover Date: Aug 1963


    I am sure by now you have read my comic book review of Fantastic Four #16 published just yesterday, and not only read the issue, but read Fantastic Four #17 as well, then came back eager to see what I thought of the classic comic book story?

    I thought it was a more than fitting part two, and completion of the story. That said unlike the last issue, I do have some issues with this one that i will discuss Below.

    but lets first summarize the story;  back from the Micro-world, the Fantastic Four say good-by to ant-man, and begin seeking out Doctor Doom, whom is already working on his plan to defeat the Fantastic Four. Step after step Doom seems to be just ahead of the Fantastic Four; even capturing Alicia Masters as  a prisoner.


    Last issue was great, but this one was only good. It started with the potential to be as great as the  prior issue, but it had its flaws as well,  Most of them I will discuss under character development; as they pertain to The Human Torch and Ant-man’s characters.

    Beyond these two flaws however I think the story is excellent, and I would still highly recommend reading the two issues in this story arc.


    The artwork of this issue was top-notch,  and gave me what i have come to expect from Fantastic Four, and comics of the day;  but it only did a little to wow be beyond the normal; it is easy to hold a great artist like Jack Kirby to such high standards.

    while not an action panel, I do feel the panel to the right showing the Fantastic Four all dressed up for the evenings out is all telling.  the detail is in both the detail’s and the lack of such.  Giving us enough without overwhelming the reader.

    Originality & Continuity

    I am quite pleased that they did not go wrong here, after getting it so right last issue.  this one picks up right where the last left off, and as expected is a great original story continuing from a great original story.

    Characters & Development


    it bothers me to no end that, just after getting back from micro-world, we see ant-man off. No i would not expect him to join or continue to work with the Fantastic Four indefinitely, but i would expect him not to give up on the hunt for Doctor Doom just like that.

    This seemed horribly out of character, and likely for the only purpose of keeping the page count down on the story,  this could have been handled better, with almost unseen support in the hunt for doom.

    after how well they handled the cross over last issue, it disappoints me to see them remove him from the story for this one.

    The Human Torch

    my words just cant say what i need to without the aid of images on this one, so before I discuss the Human Torches Flame Images, let me show you his explanation to Doctor Doom on how the Human Torch tricked him.

    human torch flame image of Dr Doom

    human torch flame image of Dr Doom, are you kidding me?

    Are you kidding me? this can’t be real. We have seen the human torch make flame images before, a lot in his solo stories in strange tales.  but generally of him self or at least the ‘object’ looks like flames..   but here is a fully colored Doctor Doom. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

    Comic book Review Summary

    A must read after the last issue, but it does have its draw backs; that leave the epic two-part story at a bit short of perfect.


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