Fantastic Four #22
The Return Of The Mole Man!

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5 Stars

Review Ratings:

Originality & Continuity:★★★★★☆ 
Characters & Development:★★★★★★ 
Sue & Ben:★★★★★★ 

Book Information:

Cover Date: Jan 1964

  • Baxter Building
  • Subterranea

I think the cover starts us off quite well for this comic book review,  giving us a wonderful drawn and colored look of the Fantastic Four approaching Mole Man, and him edging them on while Mr. Fantastic tries to stop the Fantastic Four from walking into certain doom.

Then if that scene is not enough, we have an arrow filled with text pointing to the Mole Man saying:

“Celebrate with us the return of the first super-villain the F.F. ever faced! See how The Mole Man is presented now, in the new, much-talked about Marvel manner.”

If that scene is not enough to make anyone want to spend their last twelve cents on this issue, I don’t know what would, but is it worth your dine and two cents? read on and see. 


for this issue, the story was not only  as good as the cover promised but better. surpassing each and every expectation I could have for the 22nd issue of fantastic Four.  it served as a great reunite for the Mole Man and the Fantastic Four, as well as some serious development for Invisible girl & the thing, although his was likely coincidental.  at the time, but I will get to all that below.

The story was action packed, and in that part no one member of the Fantastic Four took the lead, or was useless, each serving a strong part into the overall success of the team. This is the way these issues should be written.


Jack Kirby did a excellent job with this issue, giving great detail and G. Bell’s inking was right up there too, raising the bar of what I can and should expect.

Just take a look at the included panel as the Fantastic Four fight their way to the waiting Mole Man, it is not far below what I would expect for a bit of cover art.

Originality & Continuity

In this issue, we have the return of the Fantastic Four’s first foe, with an amazingly new and original plan to defeat them, but then we also have worked into the story, many of the Fantastic Fours developments from that early issue, such as the Baxter building, there weapons, there ICBM and more.   offering up a great showing for this amazing issue.

Characters & Development

 Sue Storm, The Invisible Girl

I can’t talk about the characters or the development of the ongoing story when it comes to fantastic Four #22, without talking about The Invisible Girl.  she is at the start and heart of this story, though the development of new powers.

Sue is no longer just the unseen member of the Fantastic Four, but she has gained her well-known invisible shield powers as well as the ability to make objects unseen in this issue. Then to no ones surprise her new-found powers play an important role in the adventure.

Benjamin Grimm,  The Thing

I am sure that both of the things big developments of this issue could easily go unrealized to most readers in the day, as both seem minor to the story, and likely to the writers at the time. But history will tell us, that this issue changed what we  know of The Thing, as much as it did anyone else.

Aunt Petunia

This is the first issue where the thing mentions Aunt Petunia.  I know you can find sources on the internet that say otherwise, so i included the panel from the source, to show that the thing does mention his Aunt in this issue as he and the other Fantastic Four are falling into Mole Man’s Trap.

Now for his other big development…

Its Clobberin’ Time

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