Fantastic Four #25:The Hulk Vs. The Thing

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For this comic book review, I sit down to read and review what the cover calls “A Marvel Super-Spectacular!” and “the battle of the century!” But what can it be?  well the cover tells us to, and as any long time marvel fan would know, the other words could not be a lie, to quote the cover yet again “This is the big One! The Incredible Hulk Versus The Thing!”  you may be thinking to yourself, they have met, and faced each other before, and that is true in Fantastic Four #12 but it was not quite like this. As those whom have also been reading the avengers would be able to tell you, the hulk is a bit more out of control as of late.

But is this battle of legacy, and one that has in one form or another repeated itself across marvels history be truly spectacular at this time? check out my review and you will see what I think! Now for a review, in not quite the order you may expect. 


The artwork, was just what I would hope for, offering one great image after another from the cover until the end. Jack Kirby, seemed to capture , every great detail, every bit of action, and then some. His art doing a great job of filling in the whole conflict between the hulk and the thing.

The panel i choose to show you for this, shows the hulk caring the human torch like a rag doll,  as the thing confronts him,  the invisible woman passed out from strain in the background, being held by a solder.   This seen is all inspiring and shows me everything I would expect from such a confrontation, even the crowds. This is far from the only great panel in this issue but serves as a great example.

Originality & Continuity

In this volume you have references to both the first time the hulk and the thing met, as well as to the more recent few avengers issues,  In fact this whole story is greatly inspired by the events of the avengers #3, and #4.   For the first time showing us how cross title continuity can and will work, and how important it can be.  But also showing us how it can be done right, so that someone who does not read both titles can still feel that they get a great story.

Characters & Development

the Thing

The thing is half of the title of this issue, and is one of the Fantastic Four, so what does this tale offer him in terms of character development? The first few pages offer him a lot, showing that he firmly no longer wants to be made Ben Grimm permanently, he would be ok if Reed found a way for him to control who he is, but he has accepted his life as the thing as well as the need for him to remain as him.

The Hulk

While the hulk is not a star in Fantastic Four, he is a star for this issue.  This volume reiterates the conflict between The Hulk and banner, whom is called Bob instead of Bruce in this issue. (A fact that will help marvel lead to retcon his full name.)  But back on topic:  Banner, and the Hulk we get to see as nemesis against each other, fighting an ongoing struggle for the same body, so that they each can live.

The Hulk Vs. The Thing

Alas, this is a conflict that comic fan’s talk about always. I feel there is no battle that is more famous. Then in this issue, the battle gets quite heated, as the thing see’s himself as all that stands between the hulk, and mass destruction but be warned, you can’t just read Fantastic Four #25, because this epic tale continues in Fantastic Four #26!

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Cover Date: Apr 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • G. Bell
  • S. Rosen
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Originality And Continuity&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733
Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733½&#9734
Hulk Vs. Thing&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734
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