Fantastic Four #7:Prisoners of Kurrgo, Master of Planet X

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In this issue, the Fantastic Four find themselves prisoner’s… again! Yes, really, First to the US government, then to Dr. Doom, and now to an alien leader on his distant planet.  3 times in 7 issues, that’s a lot to be captured!

You may think from my first paragraph that I did not like the story, In fact quite the opposite is true.  The story in this issue, featuring Kurrgo; and his planet X I feel is  a good one, even if the planet name lacks originality.

my greatest hope after reading issue #7 though would be how the ending affects the future, something I wont know until future issues. but for my concerns read on.


The real short synopsis is that the Fantastic Four is kidnapped to help save an alien planet that is doomed to destruction.  Upon reaching their destination Mr. Fantastic does come up with a solution and develops a gas that Ant-man would love. then the Fantastic Four are free to take the 2nd space ship and return to earth.

This, this is the opening that I feel leaves so much possibility for the future that it’s at least got to me mentioned again. it leaves questions such as where they able to extract any technology out of it?


I feel the art was on par in this issue,  most of it felt average and similar to what I have come to expect from Fantastic Four, Kirby and Marvel of that age.  I do feel that there where some panels well done, but that has also become the norm.

One panel stands out the most, because it made me look twice and smile. That is the one included here. Take a look at Reeds head as it comes out of the vent, and maintains the thin shape. There is something classic, funny and defining about it to me.

It also I feel helps further define Reed and his powers, as well as just how unusual the lives of our four hero’s have become.

Originality & Continuity

There was little true continuity references in this issue, but it does not do anything to break what has been built up, I suspect after the last few story’s encompassing a larger story arc. Be it one that was planned or not, this brake may be just what was needed.

The dinner in Washington would not be unreasonable after the events of Fantastic Four #4 either, saving New York if not the world would likely draw national attention.

Characters & Development

I see the team developing more in this issue than any one character or them as a whole. With each issue there becoming more public. There is not much further they can go then a dinner in Washington in their honor.

It also seems the world as  a whole know where they live, and whom they are. This to me is one of Fantastic Four’s greatest unique qualities. They are a super hero team whom is fully in the public eye, unlike Superman , Thor, Spider-man, and many more whom separate there two identities, each issue is leading the fantastic Four more to the public existence that they are known for.

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Cover Date: Oct 1962
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  • Jack Kirby
  • Stan Lee
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