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Strange Tales # 126
Pawns of The Deadly Due!

October 23, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

The first story of Strange Tales #126 features The Human Torch and The Thing, but this time with a bit more Fantastic Four support then we are used to.   Of course the Duo are taking on another Duo of Former fantastic Four Villains, The Puppet Master and The Mad Thinker.   In this story the Puppet Master and Mad Thinker team up, and have a plan to take out the Fantastic Four, part by part; first by getting the thing to destroy the human torch.   But then, like all plans, nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.


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Strange Tales #125
The Sub-Mariner Must Be Stopped

October 14, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

In Strange Tales #125 we have the Human Torch and the Thing, being there usual rough housing selves; before learning about the approach  of the Namor the sub-mariner on the shores of New York.   Eager to prove themselves, and impress some reporters whom had just left, they decide to take on the powerful advisory without the aid of the remaining two members of the Fanatic Four.    How well do these two heroes fare against Namor?  and what are the consequences of there actions. I suggest you read the issue, then read on to see just what I thought of this volume.  (more…)

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Strange tales #124
The Human Torch and The Thing team up to battle the menace of... Paste-Pot Pete

March 12, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

The first story in strange tales #124 features the human torch and the thing – starting this issue his permanent partner for this feature – working together the face-off against a newly improved Paste-pot Pete.

In this issue to meet up with a recently freed Paste-pot Pete, whom was given early release for helping the Avengers. With his newfound freedom – in typical super villain fashion – he chooses to pursue vengeance against human torch for his prior defeats.

But what makes him think he can defeat his old rival? That’s simple a newly revised suit and some newly revised paste. (more…)

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Strange Tales #123
The Birth Of The Beetle

October 29, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

the first story I am reviewing from Strange Tales #123 is “The Birth Of the Beetle” ,  The title given to the human torch feature; but for the first time in a while, equal featuring The Thing! but more than just that, this tale was illustrated by Carl Burgos, whom created the original golden age Human Torch! while this one is not the same character  there is something to be said for him illustrating one of his tales.  but is a classic Illustrated  heroic team ups, and a new foe named the beetle enough to make this comic book worth the read? I hope to address my thoughts on that below in my comic book review. (more…)

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Strange Tales #122
3 Against The Torch

October 18, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

As I sit down to review  the Human Torch feature from strange tales #122, titled “3 Against The Torch” I think back to the last volume where we seen those three. (despite the fact that it is printed as Fantastic Four #22, it was really Fantastic Four #23. )  This tale, right from the start does a tribute to, and a good job of summarizing the prior adventure.  But then we are off and running with the plan of Dr. Dooms Henchmen in stopping the Fantastic Four, Starting with the Human Torch. (more…)

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Strange Tales #121
Prisoner Of The Plantman

August 15, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

The first tale from Strange Tales that I am going to review is “Prisoner Of the PlantMan!” The Human Torch feature of that issue. This tale is a follow-up to Strange Tales #113 where we first seen plant-man, but never fear, the first page gives a good recap for those whom have not been reading all along.  so without much  more of an introduction, let’s get on with the comic book review: (more…)

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Strange Tales #120
The Torch meets The Iceman!

May 16, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

This review is for the human torch feature in Strange Tales #120, where we have him side by side with the Iceman for the first time. But two questions come to mind right away:  what brings the two hero’s together? and can they get along any better than The torch and spider-man?

In fact, the human torch has ever been much of one for sharing the spot light with anyone, even his own team,  in particularly in Strange Tales.  leading me further to wonder how this comic book story would play out. (more…)

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Strange Tales #119
The Torch Goes Wild!

April 11, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

This comic book review is for the Human Torch Story from Strange Tales #119, Titled “The Torch Goes Wild!”.  But is this tale, featuring the unheard of Rabble Rouser good, or just Strange?

To summarize the tale, we have the Rabble Rouser, whom gets the city to turn against the torch, and if that’s not enough, it seems like everything in Johnny Storms personal life has been going wrong, making him not himself.   But what is really at work, and at play behind the scenes here? you will have to read it to find out. (more…)

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Strange Tales #118
The Man Who Became The Torch

April 9, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Again, we are presented with another tale of the Wizard; whom has failed to impress me thus far.  But will this time, be any different for the evil mastermind? Or  is this one menace whom should be never seen again?  (more…)

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Strange Tales #117
The Return Of The Eel

March 22, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

For today’s comic book review, I read the Human Torch Feature from Strange Tales #117 titled “The Return Of The Eel“. In this classic tale we have the return of the Eel, whom you may remember from Strange Tales #112 the issue where the human torch came the closest to being finished.   But is does this tale live up to the five stars that the eel pulled on his last performance with the living bomb?  (more…)

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