Strange Tales #119:The Torch Goes Wild!

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This comic book review is for the Human Torch Story from Strange Tales #119, Titled “The Torch Goes Wild!”.  But is this tale, featuring the unheard of Rabble Rouser good, or just Strange?

To summarize the tale, we have the Rabble Rouser, whom gets the city to turn against the torch, and if that’s not enough, it seems like everything in Johnny Storms personal life has been going wrong, making him not himself.   But what is really at work, and at play behind the scenes here? you will have to read it to find out.


This story reminds me of the one it makes mention of,  Fantastic Four #21. Offering us a menace whom uses words and influence instead of powers to push forward his goals.  The Rabble Rouser is much like anyone who stands on a soap box to try to get his views out and at the heart of this story is a message for people to think about what views you follow.

This is what makes the story good, it offering a bit of a meaning, and a menace whom is unlike most others we see of the day, and more like the real problems the nation was facing in the 1960’s.


I felt the art of this comic book was adequate without being outstanding.  Nothing was out-of-place or misdone, but I felt it offered little in the way of being exceptional. I use the panel of the torch being told to flame off as an example,  offering fair character drawings and little else to draw the attention. this is how many of the panels of this issue are.

Originality & Continuity

I do feel that this is an original and vocal idea, but not completely new. It does remind me of both the Fantastic Four story referenced and tales to astonish #42.

Characters & Development

This story was more about being more of the same, and offered little growth for the torch, of any of his supporting cast, kind of a disappointment in that respect.

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Cover Date: Apr 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Dick Ayers
  • S. Rosen
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Voice of the times&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734
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