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For today’s comic book review I read  Fantastic Four #21, where we have  The Fantastic Four team up with Nick Furry to defeat The Hate-Monger! But an issue such as this, has a greater meaning, as well as deeper thoughts then just the action packed events leading to the defeat of a nemesis that nearly broke up the Fantastic Four for good!

You see, the Hate-Monger’s weapon is hate, and I feel this comic was Stan & Jack’s soap box to speak out against such hatred,  by giving hate a face, and a familiar one at that. 


For a story that is filled to the brim with a deeper meaning then just being a comic adventure, it is quite well written for its day. the hate-monger being faceless until the near end, and then depicted with a face of historical significance , and known for hatred (his identity I will not reveal for you here).

but the action, and the conflict, both internal and external is what makes this story so great. this is a strange case where I feel the guest start’s role is as important if not more so than any of the regular hero’s.


From the look of hatred in the Fantastic Four’s eyes, to the design of the Hate-Monger, to even the cool and calculated look that Nick Furry has in dealing with the divided team, I feel that Jack Kirby has a lot to be proud of for his work on Fantastic Four #21

for example, you can see the looks of hate in The Things, Mr. Fantastic, and the human torches eyes and faces in the panel I have included to the left, This is just one example of the deep hatred that can be found in this issue

The Hate-Mongers appearance

I admire and respect that they gave the Hate Monger a comic style appearance that resembles in some ways the outfits of the Ku Klux Klan; a perhaps more well-known symbol of hate then the person under the mask.

the look combined with the diolog and words used int he story, I feel would help drive home the evils of hatred to the readers, young and old alike,  In their own way, I feel Jack and Stan where trying to do there bit for the future.

Originality & Continuity

This issue works great with continuity, letting Nick Fury and Reed Richards in casual conversation discuss the now long past events of  Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #3. this is also done in a way, that leaves lots of room for more historic stories with Sgt. Fury and Reed Richards.

This story is also fairly original, just as it is deep, by giving a face to a concept and even an ongoing problem throughout human history.

Characters & Development

Nick Fury, Agent of CIA?

The Nick Fury seen in this issue, is still a year and change from becoming the eye-patched Agent of S.H.I.L.D that we have come to know in the years to come,  but  he is also no longer the world war II Sgt. Fury we see in the still ongoing tales  in his magazine.  They did bring him into the modern age with this issue, and made him a corporal for the CIA.

making this issue perhaps more instrumental to Nick’s development then any member of the Fantastic Four, giving us a view of him, in between what he was, and what he will become!

Deeper Meaning


There are plenty of points in this issue, where the deeper Anti-Hate meaning of the story are brought to the forefront.  I am going to include one such panel, the last panel of the issue, where I feel  the all important message of the issue is stated again, and quite clearly

“Until men truly love each other, regardless of race, creed, or color, the Hate-Monger will still be undefeated!”

I feel, this is the heart of it, and if everyone can take this meaning to heart, the world would be a better place, both then , and still today, as hate still does exist in the hearts of men.

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