Fantastic Four #6:Captives of the Deadly Duo

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At long last, I return to the Fantastic Four with Fantastic Four #6. While it may see like it was a long wait, it was nowhere near as long as the 2 months that people in 1962 would have waited for this September issue.

Two issues ago, they reintroduced the Sub-Mariner.  Last issue they introduced Dr.Doom.  Now, in just one volume both threat’s are back, and working together to put a stop to the Fantastic Four.


Our story begin’s with the Fantastic Four on the hunt for Dr. Doom.  with him having escaped in last issue, they want to find him before he can engage in his next plan.  We soon find out, that while our hero’s are looking for Dr. Doom, he is seeking out the Sub-Mariner. hoping to team up with him to put a stop to the Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom talking with Namor

At the end of their discussion Namor agree’s to a plan set forth by Dr. Doom.  However things  don’t go just as Namor is informed.  Dr. Doom’s real plan includes getting Namor out-of-the-way along with the Fantastic Four.


just as the basic background story is simple, I feel the art is also basic,  while some panel’s are striking and amazing, others seemed a bit on the quick side.  This made for a fairly balanced, but average issue in appearances.

even as I was reading it , I found myself unable to make up my mind what I really thought about how it looked artistically.  In the end,  if I had to pick just one descriptive word it would be cartoony.  I felt this issue looked more like a cartoon than the past ones in style and look.

Originality & Continuity

This one issue is a great follow up for the last two,  it is both an original story, and it ties everything together, making a streamline continuity and the feeling of an ongoing story that really started with Fantastic Four #3.

I also have to give it thumbs up for referencing but not re-stating the events of the issues that lead up to this.  This story is a great part of the continuity that there building, but I Feel it would be readable on its own as well.

Characters & Development

Sue Storm AKA Invisible Girl is caught with a photo of Namor

we learn a lot about our characters and the world as this issue develops. Things are becoming a bit deeper with each issue, and this is a great addition.

First we learn that the public has mixed opinions on the Fantastic Four, and if they even exist. This is the dawn of the hero age, and these are among the first to truly get exposure.  I feel it fits in with what would be realistic, some people would believe, and others would have their own thoughts and theory’s for whats behind the stories. The parts of the issue that state this are great for world building I feel.

We also learn that Sue has some feelings for Namor,  but it’s not addressed in great depth. We already know Namor has strong feelings for Sue as well. But this truly just adds to the already complicated story that’s weaved.  At this point every male except her brother and Dr. Doom has an interest in the woman it seems. But  she is both be engaged to Mr. Fantastic and interested in Namor.

it is greatly worth pointing out that Fantastic Four #6 is the first time the Yancy Street Gang is mentioned, having sent a letter to The Thing, to call him out.

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Cover Date: Sep 1962
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